Never Settle Quotes

A lot of people will tell you this: never settle for anything that is less than what you truly deserve.
Never settle to be in a position that is safe when you know yourself that you can do so much better.
You are brave as much as you are still young and so you must believe that the answer to living a better life is to never settle at all.
Keep your feet moving, be open to more changes and never settle.
Here are some never settle quotes to help you to get that better.

What I can tell you is this, a piece of advice to never settle for something less for yourself too.


If you have a question, I wish that you would not settle until you finally get the answer for it.


It is worth it, never settling for anyone in the world but you, what you are is perfect for me.



I am just glad that I waited until the best possible moments to be with you and just enjoy life.


Stop settling for a place that is not that great when you can have so much more by this time.


Sometimes, you have got to put your wants as your priority and never settle for anything else.

I if had the chance to be happy, I would grab it and never ever try to settle down for anyone.


I want you to be able to enjoy life as much as you can & never ever let others have their way.


If you know that you are right, what is the point in compensating you not to pursue others too.


Never settle, if you have not found it just yet, maybe you have to keep on looking until you do.


Wherever you may be in this world, all I wish is that you will be as happy as you seem now.


The path that has the least resistance is bound to be easy but I am telling you to never settle.


Life is beautiful when you face it head on, do not just settle to be good but to be the best too.


There are so many surprises that life holds for you and I feel lucky enough to be here now too.


Do not be another side character in a story that is your own, you should never settle, my dear.


The basic rules are meant to be followed so you should try to and then change if necessary.


It is quite fascinating to watch you be the best person ever, so do not start settling by this time.



Violence is truly not the key, I hope you enjoy yourself a lot by this point of the year, my dear.


Never settle for something that is less than a miracle when you know who you really are now.


What you should know is this: if you start to settle, you are bound to keep doing it over again.

The war is not as settling as people thought it was but it is just an ugly scene of crime now.


There is not much to say but I hope that you will just relax and have fun for the delivery day.


Well you see, go ahead and relax, I will drive for as much as I can out, have some party too.


It should relax you to know that all the things you pointed me for where the training for me.


I think that you should never settle for once you do then you always try to do so stop it now.


The problem is going to start and end without you but I hope you are truly ready by now.


I think what you want is a hot affair turned into romance that would matter a lot to you now.


I think that you should try your best to become just like you and eventually a doctor as well?


Never settle and just know what you really are worth, you have to get what you deserve too.


Stop rushing things and believe that the things that are really meant to happen will always do.


Taking the risks might be worth it, after all, you will never know unless you have tried it out.


The thing is that most people are afraid they would not get what they want that they do not try.


If I had things my way, there would never be another person settling just for the second best.


Do not ever try to say you have done good things if you really do then you should never settle.


The path that has the least resistance is not always the right one, do not settle for just that too.


There is something beautiful about being so unprepared about a lot of things in life you know?


The thing is that in life there will be a lot of things to surprise you as long as you allow them.


If it is not the best just yet then never settle for it, what you deserve is only the best, I tell you.


You should never try to settle things through violence, you are far better than that, my dear.


It is never war that should be used to settle anything at all, that is what I really believe now.


Do not rush things and please never settle, believe that the things meant to happen really will.


One of the key to undeniable success would be to demand more than you have, do a bit more.


When you put in more effort in what you do, you will get something more out of it too, really.


There is not much I can say but I think you should not settle down on those heels, be ready.


There is such a huge thing between loving and being in love, well never settle and find yours.


Always be ready for anything in this world, do not relax for anything can be used against you.


Be like technology that always seem to improve every single year of this life, believe me here.


I think that romance should be used as a tool to tell what you want like other movie genre too.


Once you accept just how wonderful you truly are, I tell you that you will never settle at all.


The minute that you believe you deserve something less than the best, you are giving up on it.


If you feel that things are being unfair then why are you just standing there, get a move on.


Never ever forget to love that person that you are, out of all the people here in the world, ok?


You really should never settle for there is more to you than you know, realize your potentials.


It is up to you to try and see to it that you will always leave something for your own, baby.


Do not just bundle up all the love inside you and give it to someone else, save some for you.


You should learn how to start accepting who you are, that is the first step to mattering, girl.


You paid for this so you might as well only take what your money’s worth, nothing less too.


You deserve so much more than what you have, so here is me reminding you all about that.


Never settle for the average for you should stop being mediocre and start being better today.


If you want something, I tell you that you should fight for that, whatever you have to do then.


You should be the main character in your own story, do not settle for just being the minor one.


The potential is there, now all that is left is to pursue things and stop belittling yourself, girl.


All I wish is that you try to give back to the people, never settle watching at the sidelines now.


Maybe you just have not found what you were meant to do, not that you are not any good, too.


If you really want to make your dreams come to life start looking and keep going til you get it.


Do not let yourself to adjust for the things that are not very important in your life anyways.


I hope that you will learn to accept yourself to the point that hurdles become easy to get over.


Just try to think of it this way: you only get the best when you try your very best, fair enough?


Only you know yourself best so you might as well show everyone what you are truly worth.


Never settle for just pretty much the average and try to bring only the best when you really do.


The words thrown are you are nothing to whom you really are, forget all of them my dear girl.


If you believe their words over your own voice then you have already lost, there is no point.


You have done your part, all that is left would be to wait for the results, you will get there too.


What you should do is to lean towards things that will help you to improve yourself, you know.


Go ahead and keep going, work hard and then work even harder, that is what you need to do.


On the right time, someone will come along for you, so stop lowering those standards, baby.


When you do something that has reaped off all the benefits you might as well do your best too.


You were foolish but then you can redeem yourself so start working harder than ever by now.


If you have a dream inside of your heart then do what it takes until you finally get to them.


Do not stop until you finally can say that you have achieved all the dreams that you have had.


When you look for things at the right moment, believe me that you really will get them, baby.


You should settle for nothing less than the best that is what I have been trying to tell you too.


There is no better way that this to tell you that you deserve so much more than this, baby.


Believe in yourself and your power over other people and believe me you would never settle.

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