National Pizza Day 2021

When is National Pizza Day 2021

National Pizza Day 2021

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

When is National Pizza Day 2022

National Pizza Day 2022

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Why we celebrate National Pizza Day?

National Pizza Day is celebrated on February 9 every year. On this day, bake pizza with sauce and cheese. The holiday can be enjoyed by residents of all US states. Exact data, as was created by National Pizza Day – no. Once pizza was a dish created by the Romans as bread, covered with different herbs, cheese and sauce.

In Naples and Italy, pizza was covered with basil, garlic, tomatoes and cheese. During the 19th century, Italian immigrants, having moved to the USA, brought with them recipes for pizza. But this dish was not popular until World War II. According to statistics, in the States they sell up to 4 billion pizzas per year.

What Do People Do?

In National Pizza Day it is customary to cook pizza at home or eat it in pizzerias. Eat pizza in the company of friends.

How to Celebrate National Pizza Day?

There is no special place where this holiday is celebrated, which isn’t considered official, state.

National Pizza Day Observances

List of dates for other years

Friday09 February2018National Pizza Day
Saturday09 February2019National Pizza Day
Sunday09 February2020National Pizza Day
Tuesday09 February2021National Pizza Day
Wednesday09 February2022National Pizza Day
Thursday09 February2023National Pizza Day
Friday09 February2024National Pizza Day
Sunday09 February2025National Pizza Day
Monday09 February2026National Pizza Day
Tuesday09 February2027National Pizza Day
Wednesday09 February2028National Pizza Day
Friday09 February2029National Pizza Day
Saturday09 February2030National Pizza Day
Sunday09 February2031National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day Cards

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