Mexican themed restaurants are all over the country, with tacos, nachos and other Mexican stuff being sold widely, it is not a wonder why it is so popular. There is something about those festive decors that makes you feel happier just at the sight of them.

They have a lot of colors that are truly pleasing to the eyes and that is what it is. Colors that can bring the boring into fun. The play of colors, the festive theme and the lively music is what makes Mexican restaurant fun to come back to, but most especially the food. Truly, it is a nice journey to even order a takeout from them.

In the cases when you want some Mexican or you just want to go to a restaurant with your friends and they can’t get you, here are some Mexican memes for you to try using out so they would.


Where my Mexicano at?


Chu said there will be Tacos, July to me

This is my new Xbox Juan


The face yo make when you smell some bomb ass Tacos

Me: I got my first tattoo... Mom:


If Donald Trump was Mexican


Let's get Mexican drunk together


Do you really want the chancla?


When you see your friend hit their dog kinda hard... Ya wey


Your Mexican homie


You've never been drunk 'til you've been 'Mexican kids birthday party" drunk


Even my Mexican food has a wall around it!!


Mexicans coming!


Dis finger es por chew


Mexican moms be like: Don't walk around the house barefoot or you'll get sick and die


Found Jesus, he stabbed me twice


I'm a snow Mexican!


Wehn you get pulled over by a cop but a Mexican drives past without a license plate


Coz I'm Mexican like dat


Why do Spanish people speak Mexican?


Me attempting to flirt: Do you like Chicharron?


Mexicans be like: Do I smell carne asada?


When I ask my girl how many Tacos she wants


How do Mexicans feel about Trump wall? They'll get over it.


When you run out of Tortillas and there's still food on your plate {cries in Spanish}


When little Juan doesn't want to play Pokemon anymore


The Mexican starter pack:


Teacher asked me to turn in my essay but I ain't no snitch


If you're Mexican, why are you white?


He was a Mexican then he entered America


Hey Mexican what are you doing in America?

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