Being a mentor is hard work because you get judged based upon the results your mentee would get.
It is not that, however, that measures your real worth as a mentor.
It is your dedication on being a mentor, the love you have on being a mentor that should be the real measure of how great a mentor you can become.
When you feel down and sad being a mentor.
Here are some mentor quotes that should help you out.

 The best way for someone like a mentor to prepare his student is to let him be exposed now.

 They say that there are a lot of things that can teach you great ideas but your mistakes too.

 Remember that the leadership of having a teacher would be all about serving other people.

 Without having someone to guide you out in life, it is so easy to give in to the temptation.

 One should never become arrogant and self-centered even if it means getting a teacher for it.

 You see that in the end, the only person that matters is not just you but the whole world too.

 The basics of being a mentor is being able to pick the brain and to listen without prejudice.

 The person which refuses to get advice from another will later on get to the path of ruin too.

 The best thing about having a teacher to guide you is to help you confront your weaknesses.

 And then it was just a matter of perceiving yourself and getting to where you want to be at.

 What you can do is to be able to face your fears and bring about a courage only you can.

 You see, it is the job of a mentor to push his student in the right direction after all there is.

 It is the bond that is shared between a protégé and the teacher that helps him through it all.

 Just keep in mind that when you have chosen your path, you ought to stay with it after all.

 A mentor is someone who is able to see the ability and talent that you can’t see yourself.

 When everything has been said and done, I just hope you have truly chosen the right path.

 If there is a man who would be able to shed some light to someone, it would be your teacher.

 And to have some faith in yourself is a definite must, something that cannot be taught too.

 And to have a mentor that is highly established can be the best thing for your talents too.

 Mentoring is a requirement in order for an artist to grow, not just skills or experience too.

 There is value in knowing the essential things in life and be able to evaluate yourself well.

 Getting a teacher for your art helps you to see the poor techniques you use & get better.

 There should be no trace of uncertainty in you once everything else has been done by now.

 You have to trust that your mentor would be able to push your limits and bring you up.

 Do not just train your child with force or by harshness but with the love to discover things.

 Each person has that peculiarity in him that he should make to bloom and make happen too.

 Now, you have to find things that would amuse the brain of your child instead of hurting him.

 When you value the learnings from your mentor, you approach getting where you want to be.

 I hope you will teach him the beauty of learning so that by learning you will teach him well.

 There are times when you have to let a person grow up to be who he wants to become now.

 Of course, you want to try and set your life up for the people you love but you can’t do that.

 You have to wait for people to come in and accept your cause and fight alongside you too.

 What you make now is for yourself and you have to realize that or else nothing would do then.

 Sometimes, you just have to listen to your mentor to understand how to work your talent out.

 What is a person but a compilation of the things that he has learned and to share it out well.

 I see that you understand the point in not asking but you should follow real well as well now.

 The truth is that I am a bit tired but hearing your voice just recharges me through it all too.

 What is necessary from a mentor is the ability to take care of you and look for your talents.

 To be successful, it is necessary to be taught, even if it is by yourself or aa teacher you know.

 What you have taught your students today will be something that they make fun of at all.

 The ability of a mentor to look for things for your best interest is a total must have for one.

 The need to be successful is in you and I can see that so you should work harder than before.

 There are times as a teacher that you have to let go so that they are able to grow wings then.

 Just believe that what you have already taught them out would suffice when they get out.

 Believe that the things they have learned from you will turn them into the best type of people.

 When you come across a mentor who is able to give you what you want, do not let him go.

 One of the best values that you can have is the ability to be able to see what is up ahead.

 You should have the eye for potential, knowing how far a person can go all things considered.

 And within each person is a seed that can grow and your job and duty is to water that seed.

 Maybe what the seed needs is nourishment to be able to let it grow without failure at all now.

 And all that I wish for you is that you finally find a mentor that will be worth your while.

 You should create them out to follow your own image but let them to create who they are too.

 The best part in mentoring would be seeing them grow to be the person they need to become.

 And in the end, you will have to let them go one by one, like birds finding out they can fly.

 The more consistent your mentor becomes, the better you get to be in the future, believe me.

 When they are already in the sky, you would be proud to know you have made stars shining.

 The best thing about mentoring is that you are able to give hope to others you see potential in.

 No man is ever capable of improving himself if he sees no other model in the world but him.

 What your mentor should teach you the most is the discipline, the character and integrity.

 It is the job of mentoring to help guide the people to their right path, what is meant for them.

 What you need now is a coach to help you, give you salient points and just keep you happy.

 You have to keep in mind that mentoring is like a two way street wherein you need to give too.

 Above all, your mentor must value your life and understand the things you are going through.

 If the teachers tell you that you are already good or the best, maybe you should find new ones.

 The moment you have already mastered something is also when you should try new things.

 There are so many people that have ventured out father than they ever thought coz they could.

 It is included in mentoring that you should push people further beyond their own limits too.

 Your mentor knows what is best for you so sometimes you just need to listen to him or her.

 They could not give out so much in themselves because they want to make you push it out.

 The best thing that you can do as a coach is to reveal that your student has riches within him.

 There is a limit to mentoring in which you have to let your student figure things out all alone.

 Getting a mentor at a younger age is far a better training above all else, so do that right too.

 As a person who coaches people, I believe that there should be minimal guidance all through.

 There is a sense of companionship, knowing you are able to make things happen in the end,

 The best gift you can receive as a coach is for your student to prove great results all in all.

 So you see, having a mentor is a part of honing your talent as well as your skills so do that.

 I once believe that to make things happen and to endure should go side by side, all the time.

 And maybe what you needed was for someone to come to you and help you out with it all now.

 When you are able to see how to improve someone, it is rude not to tell them about that too.

 Believe me when I tell you that things are going to get better because they may not be, at all.

 Treat your mentor in a way you would treat anyone else important to you with love & respect.

 For now, I believe that your very parents are trying to find the both, they are not found still.

 And in the end, there is a price you need to pay if you want to plant a garden anyways too.

 As a mentor, I really believe that the things that matter the most is the attitude & character.

 I think that as early as now, kids should have someone as a mentor, a role model to look up to.

 The final opinion should matter, and the voice of the mentor weigh a lot all in all, that I think.

 No matter what happens, I believe that having a mentor should be a real priority all in all too.

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