Maybe Memes

When you are unsure of the answer you are going to say, what are you going to do? Should you just say yes or should you just say no and disappoint no one in particular but the one giving the questions? Well, there is a gray line in between the yes and the no for things are not always going to be in black or in white.


This is where the word maybe comes in, maybe yes or maybe not. The point is that maybe is the division between the two, the gray line dividing the yes and the no.

At times when you just really do not know where you are going, here are some maybe meme to help you out in sending out to the ones who are asking you questions that you are unsure of what you are going to do with them as of the moment.


Maybe the stars would give a sign


"Maybe she's the one"


No, I will not play Call Me Maybe

Maybe it's Maybelline


Maybe she like sme



Maybe you should hang out with me more often


Dafuq you mean maybe


Maybe, it's what I saw


Was called Maeby before "Call me Maybe"


Maybe Maybe


When your friends says, "Maybe"


Did you go out last night? "Maybe"


Maybe, maybe not


Yes... No... Maybe?


Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's methamphetamine


Maybe, I'm mad.. Maybe, I'm not.


Of course... but maybe


Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here's my number so call me, maybe?


Meth? Maybe once


Hey, I just number, and this is maybe, but here's my crazy, so call me met you.


Maybe we love each other


Maybe, maybe not


She said she'd call me maybe....




Got free calls on JIO 4G? Call me, maybe...


Fine, maybe I will, gosh


"You're the one who's truly nice to me, maybe we should give it a shot.", said no girl ever.


Maybe you can do it! Good!


Maybe you like me


Maybe, I don't know


Maybe dinner soon


Not really, maybe.. it's classified

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