Manipulation Quotes

And in the middle of this life, someone is bound to use some manipulation tricks on you that you would not even notice at all.
Or you would use some manipulation at one point as well.
Whatever the case or the reason for your manipulation, you are going to go through with it and life will be a little bit exciting or not.
It all depends on what you, manipulation trick that you will try out.
For those who are planning to do some manipulation, you should do.
Here are some quotes about manipulation that you might be able to relate to, somehow.

No matter what form, I do not think manipulation is ever right, it just violates a person, really.

I should have told them that no matter what tricks they try to use, they will never get to me.

There is a fine line between justice and cheating, I shall do my best to stay on the right side.

It is not justice if you did not look at both sides and then decide fairly on what is right & just.

Nothing can put me down, your ticks ain’t gonna work on me this time, I swear that’s true.

No one may know it but the truth is that deep inside us, we can be hateful and manipulating.

When you use manipulation with your audience it just destroys the reality you give to them.

The sad part is that a lot of people are using others in order to achieve what they want to.

I do not think it is right not to be able to do things rightly when you could have done so.

If you are thinking about manipulating me, forget it because it is never gonna work, really.

Nowadays, it is more of the one in control is the one with the lots of financial support.

The sad part is that people let themselves get manipulated with money, sad but the truth.

I do not get why a lot of TV companies use manipulation to get more viewers to watch them.

I know you want to know the outcome of the game but you can’t do so without manipulating it.

The results should never be manipulated because there is no thrill when that is done, believe.

I have tried a thousand times to tell it all before and the truth is that no one can do it again.

Your bag of cheap tricks won’t work on diluting my sense of justice, I fight for my beliefs.


The best way to get around the one trying to manipulate you is simply to pretend that he is.

Media manipulation is one of the worst and complicated things I ever had to see in this life.

Sure, controlling people will probably give you all that you want in life, if you can handle it.

There is much more resources involved in getting what you want, believe me, it’s hard to do it.

And then the truth came out, you were only there for me when times sucks the most as well.

An intelligent form of manipulation that is highly organized may be useful at times as well.

I do not know how you do it but I do hope that you will be able to get out if you get caught.

Rule number one when you are controlling a lot of people is not to ever get caught, darling.

The truth is that we are all users of other people and we get used at the same time, truly.

I think one measure of a man is how much he controls and how he is able to do great things.

When you try your best to use manipulation on your opponent and wins, it is satisfactory too.

If you desire to have things done your way then you must challenge the mastermind and win.

It is not enough that you want it, you must desire it so much until you have what you want.

And then I see how amazing it is, a lot of people following one leader, what great trick it is.

Some do not see, they are blindly following someone whom they know has lots of power.

The basic tool you need for manipulation of what is known as reality is a grasp on words.

The thing is that we should not be like pets following a master, that is the most wrong one.

We were given the capacity to think so that we would so stop wasting time and get into it.


So for now, just worry about what you can and stop manipulating people, you got that?

You can look into a person’s eye & throw on a poker face, you can’t manipulate without lies.

Sometimes you do what you want and realize you somehow did try and control people to.

Word play is one of the main instrument that people use for manipulation of other people.

It is just sad to think just how many people actually uses manipulation to get what they want.

When you control the meaning of the words you say, manipulation is so much easier, truly.

They say you can’t force your beliefs on people but you can manipulate them into believing.


Once you are able to channel your resources for a better usage, you will realize it gets better.

When you are deceiving someone, I think that is also some sort of way to control someone.

The moment you lie, you start deceiving and controlling the outcome of things, my dear.

Political views, opinions and stands are often manipulation of what they know and listen to.

If you want to control someone, knows what he holds dear and then get that for your own.

What better instrument there is for deception than lies: humans easily believe lies, you know.

Human has beliefs, if you can manipulate those, then you can manipulate humans as well.


Love comes with stops on manipulation, I hope you would dare becoming vulnerable too.

Some humans are so easy to deceive that you wonder if they are thinking at all, sad truth.

When you know something about your future, things sure get a lot easier in the long run.

Makings sure to remain at the top ought to give you some enemies in between, my dear.

When you stop thinking about his reaction focus on yourself, manipulation then stops too.

Do not educate people and they become a lot more pliable and easier to deceive and control.

I think education is one of the best shields that people have against being manipulated badly.


When you know what a person wants, you are able to control him based on that desire then.

You must find out a weakness and then the rest of it will fall into place as well, believe me.

When you get something better and stop with the manipulation, you will succeed as well.

It can be quite easy to manipulate an audience, they believe what you tell them, sad but true.

When deceit is right in front of you, that is when it is the hardest to find out about it as well.

Truth be told, we all just want someone in our life who will love us but then they deceive us.

And the truth is that manipulation is the worst of all protractions, it just plainly sucks so.


And in the end, love can also be used as a way to control other people, that just hurts a lot.

Who would have known that all this time, you do not even know how to do things rightly too.

How do you feel when your lover cheated on you, you thought you were in control but not.

I think we should all be aware of the people around us and how they affect the life we live.

If you want your manipulation to be really effective, then use it every day ‘til you improve.

There are a lot of ways we can manipulate someone: even in writing you can easily do it.

There is that method where you can manipulate somebody and it sucks a lot if you know it.


How much you are hurt matters but at the end of the day, you should find a way to do it right.

Manipulation sucks and you can’t do anything about it but rather accept it the way it is.

Forget them, you can do this thing on your own, you can make better things happen as well.

And in the end, it was not enough that you can do it, take control of your life, believe yourself.

The rich people crave control and they have all the means to do so, that is the hardest truth.

The cold truth is that it is the people of the upper society that manipulates those at the bottom.

We are all just pieces in this world and yet we all try to control one another in the end of it.


We all have manipulation skills which turns the guilt into the innocent and vice versa too.

There is no cure for hunger to control more people and all the situations, just stop doing it.

Some deceives others without a second thought and honestly that just pains me when I see it.

I do not know how others do lie with a straight face, a poker face that can win them any game.

At the end of the day, it is up to you what you decide to do or not to do, just make things right.

Only you have the chance to get out of other’s control or not, you can do it, try your hardest.

You can control the power of the people through good manipulation, you need to do it well.

How do you do manipulation when you know a lot of lives depend on it, I wonder about that.

Through some manipulation, the truth gets transformed into a lie, that is the sad fact about it.

Even the guilty can be proven innocent when there are some manipulation involved, believe it.

If you want to maintain your superiority you should at least change your manipulation tricks.

How many manipulation tricks have you got in your bag, I do wonder about that my dear.

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