Little Boy Quotes

Your little boy is growing up, slowly but surely, he is turning into a fine young boy.
It was as if yesterday when you were still running around your garden, trying to catch your little boy.
It was such a joy watching your little boy grow up.
Now, here are some quotes about a little boy that you might be able to relate to.
Enjoy them and find a way to make yourself feel better about it.

I wish that you were still but a little boy now, how you would fit right into these arms of mine.


One day you will turn into a man and I hope that you can make me proud, my young man.


When you grow up, all I want for you is to be the best that you can ever become, I love you so.


Being a boy is the most wonderful time in a man’s life, feeling like never before, truly that is.


All I think is that I love those boys who have a great sense of humor without really trying.


The story of the little boy is one of the best stories that I have ever heard in this life I’m living.


What you can do now is just enjoy your youth while you can, have fun and run around fields.


I love that feeling when your young kid gives you a hug, as if you are the best person ever.


There are moments when I think to myself how lucky I must be to have a bright kid like you.


I cannot even dare to be mad at you with your adorable face and your sweet demeanor, kiddo.


The good thing about a little boy is that he can find humor when you least expect them so.


I love watching you run across fields, without a care for the world, you are truly amazing.


You have this charm that makes me feel better than ever, that comforts me when I am sad.


For me, you will always be the best blessing in this world that I have ever received in life.


You, kiddo is the best thing that has ever happened to me, I would never wanna let you go.


Sooner than later you are going to grow up, kid, but I still believe the bond we share is strong.


I thank the God in heavens for giving such a robust young boy to me I love him with all I have.



The purest heart of all is that of a little boy with all of his innocence and all his love for play.


It is so nice to watch your little boy as he is growing up, how he grows taller with each day.


How your little boy will outgrow you in height is still a wonder, is still a mystery to me now.


I think that you should be in bed right now, young man but then again, I can extend it a bit.


The worst thing about being a little kid is the curfew that your parent places on you at night.


The only thing that I am thankful for are the memories of happiness I had when I was a kid.


Being a kid is one of the best things that ever happened to me, I loved it so much, really.


I think that a little boy is the most magical creature of all times, always filled with energy.


Is it not wonderful to hear the birds singing when you go out to the field when you wake up?


As a little kid, I have always wondered how it felt like to grow up and when I did, I hated it.


The things that makes you happy as a kid did not make you as happy when you grew up then.



I have always wondered how much energy a little boy has inside his body to play all day long.


When a kid is no longer concerned about the latest toy, he must have grown older, I think.


There are no two children alike, each kid is a different person of his own, I love all of them.


Having a little kid is truly a fun thing, it makes things livelier inside the house, that’s true.


I am standing in the middle of my personal hurricane and I love every second, that’s real.


There are tons of suggestions you here from your parents when you are just a little boy, dear.









Being a mother to two little boys is truly fantastic and magical, I love every moment of it then.


I do not think I can ever understand the things that a young boy likes but I know his needs too.


There will be ton of things you will miss when you grew out of your childhood, sad but true.


I think that every boy should find a puppy, should have someone to grow up together with.


I wish that you would remain to be my little boy all this time bad sadly I know you would not.


The best thing to teach a boy responsibility would be to give him a puppy as companion, boy.


The best friend I never had has come when you came into this life of mine, my young kiddo.


A little boy is one of those creatures that you cannot help but want to cuddle with and hug.


I think that a superhero resides in those little boys in here and I love them, all of them, really.


The truth is that a son can practically get out of all things just by using his wits and charms.


Though he may be mischievous, he is a fine young man as well and truly adorable as well.


Carrying your little boy with your arms is one of the best feeling in the world, believe me.


I think I love small young kids because they are pure of heart, they love practically everything.


Do not let a boy grow up with force, with harsh words but with love and adventure, I think so.


Lead boys to what amuses them, let them grow into fine young men, let them be better people.


All I had ever wish is for my boys to discover the things that will make them happy later on.


I wish that I get to spend more time with my little boy, as I watch him outgrow all of us here.


There is nothing I had ever wished more than the happiness of my little kids, of their sakes.


My little kid do not like taking baths, he removes dirt off of him like dust, that is about that.


The truth is that boys like my kid just leaves a mark in your heart, makes you long for them.


I think one of the best moments in the world is when you are a little boy without a care for all.


Slowly, my boy suddenly turned into this young man I had never known before, that’s about it.


My brother is now a young man & I do not even recognize him one bit but I am proud of him.


I hated that little kid who used to tease me back then but I loved him all the same, my brother.


Puppies are wonderful, they make people feel special and I believe they belong with kids too.


And the little boy starts on becoming a man and you cannot help but wonder what he will be.


The good thing about boys is that they are filled with fun, they are always smiling, happy.


There is no denying it, I love every moment that I spent with young kids, they are amazing.


When a kid tells me stories of the day, I love looking at him filled with joy and happiness.


I have always wished I can go back to when I was a little boy, dreaming of what I can be then.


Your pure heart is one of the best things about you, your innocence just as well, I love you.


I think that you are pure magic how you were conceived and brought upon this world of mine.


The best gift that was ever given to me was a son and I love him for every waking moment.


There is no one I love more than my kid, he is the best thing that has ever been given to me.


You look at me with your eyes, wide as saucers as I tell you how much I love you so, my kid.


Kiddo, you look so young and I love that look in your face, filled with hope and admiration.


Who would have thought I would have the pleasure of raising a wonderful kid like you are.


It is hard to reprimand young kids especially with their eyes filling to the brim with tears then.


It is a great experience to raise a boy and have him fill the world with laughter and smiles.


The truth is that the world is a wonderful place to be in, it is a good place to raise a kid in.


All little boy are made by God, sent to us so that they can make things livelier than ever then.


Before you even notice it, your kid has suddenly turned into this adult you have never met.


Boys try to become men even when they are too young, but they should just be happy too.


Let your boy run free, let him experience all that there is to see in the world we are living in.


I believe in the power of childhood, in the power of love and things that makes us all happy.


Kids should be concerned about toys, food, games and not anything else, that they are happy.


Young kids wants new things all the time but their most prized possession is an old bear.


And you still sleep with that bear you used to sleep with as a child even as you grew up.


You grew up into a fine man and I have to say that I am just so proud of the man you became.


As you are still a little boy, go to sleep early and wake up feeling energized for the whole day.

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