Light Quotes

God created light and dark that are usually associated with good and evil respectively.
Most of us believe that it is better to stay on the bright side than in the dark side.
Most of us are afraid on the dark for it make us blind and helpless.
Light on the other hand gives us hope and let us see the other side of the dark.
In our lives, we don’t stop seeking and hoping for it.
To make our journey seeking for the light enjoying and amazing, here are the following quotes.

When dark invade our lives, we seek for the light. We are hoping to see even a tiny bit of it.

Light is hope- Whenever we see it our heart becomes alive and our spirit flies.

I see a light in the midst of darkness- my faith restored, my strength come back and I feel safe.

Good is associated with light and bad is to dark but life is not always like that.

Darkness is what we escape, darkness is what we fear but light make us brave.

When pain is inevitable and unbearable, look at the sky and feel the love of God.

Light is what everyone seeking, is what everyone desire and need. For it means heaven.

As I look up at the sky, I see angels singing, I see the beauty of heaven and I see hope.

At the end of every story and every storm there is light waiting, there is happy ending.

There is sunshine after rain, there is success after hard work and there is light after dark.

Life has its ups and down, it has bad and good and it has success and failure- it is a cycle.

When you feel sad and weary, close your eyes and rest for tomorrow will be better.

Problems and hardships block us from moving forward, block us from seeing the light.

Don’t lose faith for there is a reason for everything; for there is always a light waiting.

Always seek beauty in life, always seek good in others and always seek light in the darkness.

I don’t believe in angels and heavens until God knocks on my door and do miracle.

Despite of all the bad things come on my way, I don’t lose hope for I know sun will shine.


You have two roads to choose but at the end of each roads there is light waiting.

I could not give the stars to you but I could be your light on every path you take.

I would rather be in the dark than to see the cruel world outside of it.

When there is light, there is hope. When there is hope, there is light.

When bad things drowning you, reach out and touch the sky for there is always hope in there.

Don’t be afraid to fall for every fall there is success, for every failure there is glory waiting.

Never give up for God gave us so many reasons to fight and to continue our life.

When you feel sadness and pain, lift your head and held up high. For happiness is there.

Let God touch your sorrow for He will wipe it away and let light come to you.

When you came to my life, I finally saw my hope, my reason to live and to love again.

My mind is stuck with problems, my heart is filled with pain. How I could see the light?

Believe that yesterday’s night could turns to light- believe that everything will be fine.

What is happening right now could not happen tomorrow so keep holding and have faith.

I was blinded by hatred and anger- for a long time I was in the dark until you pulled me.

She has frail wings but she still carried me until we reached the end of the road.

I won’t stop praying to God until my prayers collide with the sky and reached Him.

Everything has an end and a finish line. Your problem today, will not be tomorrow.

How many dark paths should I take?For light seems so close but too far to reach.

Time will not stop, so we should keep moving, we should keep seeking for the light.

Let God be the light of our paths, be the guardian of our dreams and our savior.

Let the flame of my heart be your guide, let my burning desire be your motivation.

This world is toxic for it poisons people who are blinded by the light of fame and wealth.

No dreams are so high for a determined heart, no sky is unreachable for a strong believer.

I won’t stop hoping and waiting for the light to come on my way. No matter how long it takes.

Hopes and dreams give us reason to fight, reason to move on and reason to live.

Don’t let pain crumble you. Open your eyes and see the sun shining above you.

Tears may block your eyes from seeing the light but it can be wipe with caring hands.

Light could drive darkness out. The same with love could drive hate out.

There are good things and bad things in life. You’re one of the good things happened to me.

Love is amazing for it could brought sunshine to one’s life and could make heart beats again.

Bad moments happened for a reason, they let us feel the worst first to appreciate good ones.

Wings could bring me up there but prayer could get me near Him. That’s powerful it is.

So much bright is not good- it is blinding. It covers the eyes so it could not see what’s beyond.

If I could turn the darkness into brightness I could. Just to make you feel safe.

In this world, there is day and night, dark and light, dim and brightness. They always exist.

You need a strong faith, a brave heart and high spirit to shut darkness in your life.

Road to success is not easy- it is bumpy, dark and tough. But with light? It is passable.

I understand why everyone afraid in the dark.They don’t believe that there’s light at the end.

God created the world perfectly- He created good and bad to make the world balance.

You are like a ball of fire who does gives brightness to every path it passed through.

I could see that the stars are burning and the sky lightens as you whisper my name.

Lifeless night is frightening not the dark. But day without you could make me lifeless.

Our stars could not be rewritten nor changed. But their glow could be controlled.

Stars make the dark nights bright and they could make the dark sky visible and appreciable.

It is normal to a child to be afraid on the dark but to be afraid on the bright is not.

The sun kissed my skin to make me warm, the moon lit my path to make me safe.

Life is to light and death is to dark- don’t occur at the same time but happened after the other.

Sun will shines and sets again and no matter long the night is sun will surely come tomorrow.

After the rain, there will be a sun. Bad things don’t always lasts. Good things will come.

Let the rain pour onto you but don’t let it drown you for there is always a sun after the rain.

I was living on the dark all my life, I feel weak, alone and sad until He shine upon me.

There will be no dark days or hard times when there is hope, joy and love.

Continue to pour your sunshine to everyone. Let be yourself a guide to their endless journey.

Set all your desires to fire and let it burn until you reach the sky. Let your dreams fly high.

Dark is what I am not afraid of. I am afraid that I could not see your shining aura there.

There is a reason why rain comes first before rainbow. It let us see the bad things first.

Girls believe in happy endings. They let rain pour for they knew there will be a rainbow after.

What is worst on the dark for a long time? It is when you can’t see a single, tiny sunlit in it.

Good and evil exist in this world. These two are conflicting words but greatly affect one’s life.

Don’t afraid to soar high. Spread your wings and let the sun be your guide and your hope.

You are not always at the bottom of the world. For the world doesn’t stop spinning.

Love is intangible and untouchable but is it magical and amazing for it could drive hate away.

Live like there is no tomorrow- let the rays of the sun come to you and covers you.

All bright is beautiful that’s what they say. But not all bright is good. Sometimes it is painful.

We should be grateful whenever we saw the sun shining. For it means another day has come.

Wipe all your tears and fears away. If you can’t, God could do it for you.

When darkness turns to brightness it means all troubles and pain already end.

Keep your flame burning, keep your star shining. Don’t let darkness cover your brightness.

Success is much sweeter when you cried so many times and tumbled so many times.

Don’t give up, keep walking and keep seeking for the bright. For good is always there.

Don’t let your troubles beat you. Don’t let the rain crushed you. Feel the rays of the sun.

It is easy to see the rays of the sun but it is not easy to find and touch it.

Too much exposure to brightness could blind you. But I will take the risk just to see you.

She come to my life shining and burning, I could not touch her but I could feel her.

As we walk under the night sky, we look up to the sky to see the moon and the stars shining.

When sky is dark, we’re all afraid what will come. But we don’t stop seeking for a bright spot.

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