Life is What You Make It Quotes

The truth is this: you really only have that one life that you can live.
You must make it to be the way you want it to be for life is what you make it.
Stop trying to do things that you know will affect you negatively.
There are some things in life that you understand better than the others.
Well, just think of it this way: life is what you make it, if you do good, you’ll get good but if you do otherwise, you’ll get a consequence for it. So here are some quotes to make you understand that life is what you make it, after all.
Enjoy and try to get it a better this time.

Life is what you make it you do the things that you have thought of and suffer what is next too.

Fill your days with great things so you can make sure that they’ll be worthy to be mentioned.

You see, things you do will actually influence you more than you know they would so be good.


The more things you do, the more that it can affect your life, that is the truth of it, believe me.

It is truly complicated, you know, but at the end of every single day, life is what you make it.

Treat this life that you live in as something such as an adventure that you must partake in.

I hope that you will challenge yourself in a way that can bring about a better future to you.

The truth of living is that you must try the best that you can in the things that you do in life.

I wish that you would have the right direction by trying to see which is the best path to take.

Life is what you make it, you might as well try to take it in the best possible way that there is.

You should fill your life up with the happiness that only you can truly give to you: from within.

Life is but a play in which the quality of your acting is the one that is in the spotlight like now.

As long as you are feeling some happiness within you then you must be doing something right.

Stop being lazy to the point that you do not finish your tasks per day life is what you make it.

Every chance that you get you must try your best to do the things that you need to do in life.

Just heed these words; even when you mess up, just keep trying and keep on going in this life.

Truth is that most people will hurt you but then it is up to how you react that will change it.


You should try and make it to be the best that you can make it, that is about it, believe me.

Life is what you make it, that is true so you might as well do the things that you do the best.

You do what you can when you must and you try again until you finally get to where you want.

There is no telling when you find something to inspire you but I hope that you will, my dear.

More often, life is affected by how you take things instead of how you will do all others too.

You might mess up but you can do better as well for the truth is that life is what you make it.

When you know what path you want to take, to which direction you will be heading, it’s easy.

Stop making plans for the moment and just try your best to go ahead, live the life you want.

Do not make any excuse for any mistake that you will commit, instead commit to be better.

There is no advice I can offer to you but that you try to make things happen for yourself too.

Life is what you make it so stop trying to make excuses for the wrong things you have done.


I hope you do not choose to surrender in the life you are living coz of few failures, be strong.

Success is not a matter of smartness but a matter of toughness, who chose not to give up ever.

Choose to make a happy life indeed, something that is filled with fun and laughter as well.

Just think that the world is beautiful and it really will for, think of it life is what you make it.

The way that you think about life will also determine the type of life that you will be living.

As long as you are willing to take matters into your hand, you will be just fine, believe that.

May you start living your life the way you want it for that is the very best way that you can.

Do things your way, forget all the rest for yours is the only one that truly matters in this life.

Life is what you make it so make sure to make it a wonderful and pleasing life, indeed my girl.

As long as you love the things that you do and it makes you happy, you can forget the rest too.

To the larger extent, I think we should really try to be better indeed, with possibilities as well.

Stop preventing things from happening and just focus on the best things that you can do too.

You alone are the one responsible for what happens in your life coz life is what you make it.

What you should do is this: try to listen to what your heart is saying at times for that matters.

Stop doing the things that are preventing you from living the life that you want to live, dear.

Do not let anyone else but yourself to make the decisions for the life you will be living now.

Life is what you make it so if it is good, celebrate for you have made the right choices as well.

I do hope that you will learn to appreciate the things that has happened to you as well now.

There really is never a wasted day, if you did not work, you played and that counts as well.

Stop trying to find your own self but instead try to spend time creating who you want to be.

May you go out of your comfort zone to have fun & to live life more fully in the process now.

You’re the one that gives meaning to the life you are living simply coz life is what you make it.

There are a lot of ways that you can get to look at things, maybe an adventure or just of joy.

Whatever it is that you plan to do in this world you must try to make it so that it can be happy.

It is truly an experiment, the chances we take in life so you must do try to make it better now.

Life is what you make it, you decide whether or not you should take some advices or not at all.

I think it is a matter of how you lived vs how long you have lived that matters the most in life.

What an adventure this life is, so we might as well make it all possible believe me on that now.

If you want to write about something heed this that you must try to live it first before anything.

Do not just trust in yourself but actually believe that you will do the things you want for now.

Life is what you make it so I suggest that you try your best to go ahead and explore it all now.

The sooner you engage yourself in what you must do, the sooner you will get to where it too.

The simple truth is this you either live or you die trying your best to, that is the way it must be.

There is nothing complicated about life, so stop insisting that it is, I hope you will listen to it.

Life is what you make it so think far beyond that horizon that you are now in make it glow too.

Go and live your dreams confidently for that is the start to living the life you wanted long too.

So listen to the people around you and what they are telling you, it pays to pay attention too.

What you must know is this: there is much more to life than what you are trying to do as well.

There is this movie called life and you are the director of yours for life is what you make it.

For now, just believe that you can and you are almost there to where you want to be in life.

If you had made someone’s life a bit happier for a while I think it counts for something then.

Appreciate the good that there is in the world for there is very few that you can, believe it.

Be thankful for the moments that you got to live for that is the ones that will matter the most.

Life is what you make it so what happens to it, the blame is yours and will always be yours.

You create the very image you want people to perceive you to be, you do what you can too.

Life should be good if you dare enough to try to find out how to live it best to be your way.

Well, whatever it is, the problem is that most do not try to tackle them but you really should.

Make it happen that you try to make things worthy for the truth is that life is what you make it.

No matter how good you are, you will mess up but that is ok, you will still get there believe it.

The good part is that you will be the one to make the decisions to live the fuller version of life.

Life is part what you have thought of it as well so you need to believe in what you have done.

Life is what you make it so think far ahead with your life, you deserve to do just that as well.

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