Life is Too Short Quotes

Life is too short not to be lived thoroughly, so if you want to do something, you might as well do it now.
The truth is that you have got to enjoy life because you only have so much time in this world to do so.
In that case, you must go ahead and have all the fun you can get for life is too short.
Let all your worries go and live the best day of your life.
Here are some life is too short quotes that might help you to understand it better and know what it really means.

Life is too short to keep on living it with regrets, start to do something to forgive your enemy.


All I want to tell you is that you are going to be fine so for now, believe in yourself, my dear.


There is too short of life to be distracted about things so focus on what you can on this day.



Try and do your best in everything you do and do not regret not a single thing in this life now.


What you should do is try to make the most of every single day you get to live in the world.


Life is too short so you might as well live yours to its fullest that is the only way to enjoy it too.


I want to tell you that if you are going to do something, you might as well do it right now, girl.


And I asked her, if you can do it today why should you keep postponing it to tomorrow then?


You should begin today, start now for the future is still unprecedented, it is still unknown too.


Like a snowflake slowly melting in our hands, our years in this world is too little in time, now.


Stop being so malicious and even so vengeful, for life is too short for emotions like that, girl.


You should keep yourself as busy as you can and try not to think of death but only of life now.


If you wait long enough, you will get the things that you really want in the world, I tell you.


Stop waiting for things to start happening, instead start today and see to it that you get them.


Life is too short, so live it and stop dragging your days with those small ways that you are.


Live a little, this life is truly short so you must try and enjoy it as it goes, believe me in here.


Stop worrying about the little things and just enjoy for the future holds no promises, my dear.



Express yourself the best way you can, tell what you want, you never know what is next now.


Stop wasting your time in those useless things and try to revive your dreams, life is too short.


Stop letting yourself be upset by the smallest things and just live and forget the bad things too.


A vengeful spirit will never get to enjoy herself so you must do your best to try and remember.


I still think that life is meant to be the best that you can get, you have to read what you can.


Stop piling up your to do list and start crossing off things on it, it’ll make you feel better too.


You should start living each day like they are your last one coz life is too short for all of us.



Once you start to live your life thoroughly, you will find that each day is far too short then.


To meet all the friends you want to meet you will spend lots of time, so might as well start.


The walks I had to take were wonderful but I still think I should have run when I could then.


Stop thinking about the regrets you are bound to have and do them so you won’t have them.


If you at least try to live life as you can for the best then you’ll never think life is too short.


There will come a point in your life that you have to let go, stop the drama and just do that.


I think that life is really far shorter than you expect it would be so stop being so careful now.


Be with the ones that makes you laugh and makes you feel, they are the ones truly worth it.


Do not be fooled by the days in the calendar, life is too short you never know when it’ll last.


You may not be able to forget the bad times but you can move on from them, keep them away.


I may not look happy right now but the truth is I am just trying to get by each passing day too.


So tell me, were you happy when you took your last breath, I hope when it comes you will be.


Go for the things in life that makes you believe in things, believe me as well life is too short.


Life should be lived as happily as you can so that you would not find remorse later on then.


Stop spending your precious days with people who are filled with gloom, be happy stay happy.


Give it your best shot, no matter what you decide to do, some things are just worth it all now.


There is not much I can tell you now but believe me when I tell you that life is too short for us.


Go ahead, waste your money, waste everything but time should be too precious to be wasted.


Stop holding on to the grudges that you have against the ones you love, just forget everything.


The thing is that it is a waste of time to hold a grudge, you must laugh and forget it all, now.


As you grow older you will realize that life is too short indeed so do the things that you can.


When you did something bad that you did not mean, I hope you apologize and try your best.


I am forty and still single but I do not think of my life as boring, better yet it is an adventure.


Nothing can be guaranteed so you might as well just find your place in this earth and stick.


Each moment that you are allowed to have, grab them by the neck and do not let go of it ever.


Life is too short so I believe that you should start to live it as if it is gonna be the last one too.


There are moments in your when you feel like playing so do so and stop being so apologetic.


There are times when flashback follows a certain recall, make sure not to regret anything too.


The living is not lost but rather it is fun to just enjoy this world long enough for now too now.


If you were dying now start to try & fulfill your wishes, life is too short to be underestimated.


The truth is that we should respect humanity and everything that it entails for life is short too.


The time we have in this world is quite limited so we must give respect where it is really due.


I think the world is trying to make more opportunities for us but we must do our best to do so.


There is a sort of fulfillment in doing the best that we can in this world, that is the truth of it.


If you want to do something but you are hesitating, I tell you do it now for this life is too short.


What you can invest in now, do so and just remember that you have the power to change.


Everyone is entitled to make mistakes but if tomorrow is your last, you must do it right.


There ain’t much in the world but you have to try and do things with your guts for now.


Life is too short so stop spending time with those who suck out happiness from you, my dear.


I believe that you can become anyone you want to be if you just let yourself become the best.


There is nothing better than seeing things as they are, you deserve to be happy as well today.


What you should do today is get up, see the world in a better light and try to be the best there.


We have only one life to live so we might as well do things right, life is too short to argue too.


Now, you have got time in your hands, ticking so do your best to keep things cool and easy.


There is more to the world than dreams, what matters most is the now, so do things rightly.


I promise you it will all get better eventually so you might as well do your best right now.


Well, I know this may not be much but I do hope that you will live your life like it is your last.


We do not know what tomorrow can bring us so we live to the best we can, life is too short.


Tomorrow you may get into an accident and forget the world so for now, just do your best.


If you know you can do it, then why not try your best to get it today instead of tomorrow then?


The best is yet to come so you just have to go with the flow but still remain sturdy as a tree.


There is far more to this life but will you get there if you slack off now, live your life good.


Life is too short so try to be grateful for the things that you have been given in this life now.


What I know is this: you can be a whole lot better than you were before so just keep going.


Things will not always go your way but if you can do things right this first time then do so.


There is more to life than knowing which is right from which is wrong, live it richly too now.


By doing what you can do now, you will start to live your motto that life is too short indeed.

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