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Life is hard and that is the truth of it, nothing ever comes easy anyways.
So when you are thinking about how life is hard, why not try to relate it to someone.
Why not get someone to relate to you.
You are probably not the only one in the world that thinks life is hard.
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Life is hard, when things seem to be all going against you, that is when you realize it’s true.

When you go through a storm and come out of it alive, I think you should be proud of yourself.

The thing is that there is no one solution to every problem, different approaches can happen.



Your duty as a human being is to keep on striving against the tide, to survive this life as it is.

I think problems are not really the ones that stop you from living but instead they guide you.

You should realize by now that life is hard & it never gets easier, you just learn to deal with it.

When you meet people that are so hard to please, you can be up to the challenge or give up.

The best things in life would never come cheaply, you have to be used to that idea by now.

When things are tough, you do not give up, you keep going and that is what makes it okay.

I think that when you accept that life is hard indeed, you grow from it & that makes it easier.

Stop being in the safe zone, that is not enough to keep going, you need to take some risks too.

You should not be surprised coz things are never going to be easy, they’ll be worth everything.

It should not really make you feel shocked to go through hard times, we all go through those.

Life is hard, there are so many things you wish to do but still so very little time to do it all too.

What I can advise you is to never quit no matter what road or path you choose to take, dear.

The best things you can get in life are those that you have sweated tears and blood for, love.

The truth is that even the toughest of times will eventually pass by but being tough never does.


I hope what you pray for is not for life to be easy but instead to have the strength to go thru.

What I wish for you is to learn how to endure the things that will be happening in your life.

You see, the problem is not that life is hard but you are not dedicated enough to do everything.

You will not always be in control of the thoughts of others but you can surely control yours.

Do not let other people control your feelings or choices, you decide how you want life to be.

Stop letting the situation control you, be the one in charge right now, you deserve to do that.

Life is hard & that is what makes it worth all the sacrifices and all the second chances as well.

I think that problems are the ones that help you to shine through and show the world yourself.

Prove to yourself that you can do a lot of things that you can actually do more than they know.

Now that you are faced with a problem, I think it is the best time to show that you can do it.

The hardest thing that you can ever learn is what bridge you should burn and the one to cross.


Life is hard but then again there is nothing easy that is ever worth it, believe me I know that.

You will go through some tough times in this life but you have to toughen yourself out as well.

The things that happen to you are for you as well, it means that you are going to be better too.

When you see negative things in a positive light, you see problems as ways to improve you.

Nothing ever really comes cheap, you know for after all life is hard but you still deal with it.

The gem that is not yet polished can be done by the trials that it will go through to be perfect.

The challenges you will go through in this life will shape you up to be the person you need to.

I think the problems that comes to us makes things more interesting and also more fun as well.

Things would always seem impossible until they are all finally done, believe me on that, girl.

Every morning you wake up may you try to accept that life is hard so you can try even harder.

I am no longer afraid of the storms in my life for I am slowly learning how to adjust my sails.

You can be lucky but when your luck runs out, it is good to know how to back yourself up too.

You need to work hard or work smart if you want to really succeed in this life that you live in.

When all the problems come pouring & you do not know what to do, you realize life is hard.

Show me who you are by the tasks that you accomplish by yourself & I will judge you for it.

If you have done something that is worthwhile, that you’ve worked hard on, I will praise you.

As long as you are still leaning on someone for things that you can do yourself, I won’t care.

There is hardly ever anything that is easy in this world simply because life is hard, that is it.

When you learn how to love the life you have, life will slowly learn to love you right back too.

The difficulties that you are facing right now are all part of the life we are in, accept that too.

Well, I think that physical labor is one of the things that keeps our mind sharp and alive too.

You should try to keep yourself in balance & keep on moving towards the goal in your mind.

Life is hard for we are never spoon fed, we learn from the experiences and failures we had.

The harder the obstacles you go thru, the better you feel when you’ve overcome it as well.

Whether you are inside of the ring, whether you are out what you should do is to keep going.

Do not ask for your problems to get lighter but your shoulders to be broader to carry them.

It would not be as exciting as it is if it was easy and maybe that is the reason why life is hard.

Every storm brings about a rainbow after the destruction, think of that when you are tired.

Phoenix are creatures that rises straight from the ashes, you should try being just like them.

The strong wind should not stop you from going to where you need to go, adjust to it as well.

If you know yourself, you will be alright no matter what life tries to throw at you, believe me.

Life is hard and that is why you should never try to take it for granted, every second counts.

I hope that you would really recognize that life ain’t easy but you are capable of doing more.

Empower other people, inspire others by what you do with your life, that should matter too.

One day your story will also heal another person and relate to it and you’ll be happy for it.

You should not be surprised to realize that life is hard coz that is just the hard truth, really.

When your foundation is solid nothing can ever break you apart, so make sure it is real tough.

Every single time that you find a reason to laugh in a hard situation, that is surely a win too.

In the middle of this winter you will see that there is still a bit of summer inside of you as well.

Life is already hard enough but you see we are not supposed to make it harder for ourselves.

And when it hits you that life is hard, you begin to think that maybe everything’s will be okay.

You may not know it or even realize it but you can be the best thing that has ever happened.

The world will try to kick you hard but as long as you do not stay down, you will be ok too.

Look at all the possibilities, you might have skipped some and that matters in the end of it.

For now, listen to me when I tell you that life is hard coz that is simply the truth all in all too.

Life is never going to be fair but then again the rainbows are rewards straight from the storm.

I am slowly learning that every day is another chance to be thankful for a lot of things as well.

To enjoy life, I think the best thing you can do is to realize that you have it in you to succeed.

I believe in you and I hope that will find its way to you, that you realize your worth as well.

If it is easy, you won’t work so hard for it, not like you did, that may be just why life is hard.

The past is but another story and I hope you do not let it have any power right over you too.

You should spend some time trying to crawl your way through all the things in your life now.

People can hide themselves, they can work their way but once you see them, it gets you better.

When you are in stress keep yourself busy so you can get through your anger & be productive.

I hope that one day I can find the right words to tell people that it is what you do that matters.

No one should ever make you feel like you are not enough for you matter more than you know.

What you should know by this time is that you are loved and you should keep on going, girl.

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