When someone lies to you, it is something like a punch in the gut.
You see, lies tangle, lies build webs around you until you can no longer move freely around.
When you say some lies, you get caught up in them until eventually, you get found out.
Telling lies is something that is almost as bad as cheating or infidelity for couples.
Lies are the very foundation you can have if you want a relationship that would crumble as easily as it was built.
Through lies, you are actually taking the dark side over the light.
Here are some quotes about lies that should help you figure it out.

 The most important thing is not to be telling those lies to yourself above all the person you do.

 Those false things you said to me were not only evil, they were very infectious as well, sadly.

 And it hurts me most that even after all that false thing you told me, I still love you the same.

 I guess love blinds people well because I did not see all the lying you have bene doing to me.

 If I were to choose, I would have picked the bitter truth as opposed to those sugary false lies.

 It was not evil as much as killing someone but it is probably quite as deadly as that in the end.

 I do not want to permit myself to love you when I know you are going to be lying to me too.

 The very person who lies to his own would come to a point no longer knowing which is true.

 I find it so much easier than ever to accept you but in the end all you did was wrong to me.

 There is so much to this world than what people know especially when it is built in wrongs.

 I wish you would find it really shameful when you have been telling so many untruths to me.

 The man who then lies to himself would no longer be able to respect his own self and others.

 The worst kind of lying is when you are trying to tell me something unreal with a purpose too.

 The ability to make profit on someone else’s through some untruths is the worst kind of lying.

 The thing about lying is that it can increase the creativity of a person but expand his ego too.

 All I wish was to lessen the friction between us but then again you lied to me real good now.

 And when you spout of those lies, you forget everything you were ever made of, you cease too.

 You should forget about saying you love me when your mouth is filled with only lies now too.

 Lies also require some commitment, to stick with them as long as you are alive and willing to.

 The best type of person is someone who is always honest and does not tell those false things.

 When you make up those stories to suit what you need, that is the worst thing ever in this life.

 I truly detest the person who hides so much in that heart of his and then tells me other things.

 Those untruths you have told me were the worst of it, I wish you can only go back right now.

 When you tell so many lies, you begin to waver and start believing the very lies you have told.

 And in the end, the worst of it was taken by you when you told me that lie that you loved me.

 The thing is that with that little deviation from the real thing makes all the difference in here.

 The truth for one thing has the endurance, it will last longer than any lying you will ever do.

 And when you are afraid, I understand that you like to tell those lies coz you do not know.

 The sad thing is that a lot of people tell those lies even when they come apart rather easily.

 You get scared, you are afraid of a lot of things and that is how you take comfort in lying.

 You grow stronger and that is the best thing ever until you figure out to lie your way through.

 Thou shall not steal someone else’s right to know the truth because that is what matters most.

 You do not cover the truths because that is the worst of it, you should just maintain integrity.

 I really do not understand how people live knowing that they have told so many lies in life,

 Through being honest you not only get integrity but also get something against reputation.

 The sad truth is that lying, even just once would destroy everything you worked hard for.

 It is in your intention to deceive someone else that makes you want to speak falsely of things.

 And the sad part is that you are willing to injure the neighbor just to get to where you want.

 This world is filled with people that tells lies and it is very hard to know which is honest now.

 Do you not think that your very dignity as a person is annihilated once you start lying too?

 I think the person that we practice our lying to is ourselves and that makes all the difference.

 If you permit yourself to lie even just once, you open yourself to the risk of doing it over too.

 Once you had the taste of what lying is, it eventually becomes a big habit you do often then.

 I do not even get to trust people anymore for I am too busy seeing through all their lies too.

 May you know when it is right to not just spew off nonsense whenever you possibly can.

 For some lie to be successful then it must be planned thoroughly and be committed sincerely.

 The thing is that you must maintain a good relationship with people and lying is not of that.

 I just do not believe people anymore for beyond the truth lies every word of untruth as well.

 If you want escape, do not try to find it by lying to the people important to you by this time.

 By this age, you should know that lying does not bring anything good in your life, not at all.

 You carry away the good things by lying instead of bringing them in, that is the truth of it too.

 The lies you have told will someday make their way back to you and come back to you tenfold.

 I just hope that you start believing me because you want to do so and not because you need to.

 When a liar starts to get the hang of things then he must never get old so would the lie he told.

 And what is even worse is that I tried to actually make things happen only to fail at lying.

 You do not say those lies or so you said but not telling the truth is basically lying just as well.

 The people who are really bad at lying are my type of friends, I do not like liars, nor tolerate.

 I will never be able to get the point in lying to someone that you love, how can people do it?

 Those lies have wings and can travel a mile or so and then who knows what happens next?

 The more you try to defend the reason why you have been lying, the angrier you ought to be.

 We have all told a lie at one point in our life but we have to make it worth it, I guess that is it.

 All people want is to live a stress free life, so why be lying when that adds even more drama?

 You say that you are okay with it because lies won’t hurt anyone, well it just did, I was hurt.

 The thing is while your lying may save you now, it will not prevent bad things to happen then.

 The art of falsehood is really easy and people do it all the time as well, how profound that is.

 How can you tell those lies so straightly onto my face when I was nothing but kind to you?

 I just wish that you would examine your words well once more so that you will find evidence.

 I know how much you wanted to be all that you can be and yet here you are, stuck at lying.

 When a murder happens and you are the sole witness, how can you attempt at lying then?

 And every single one of those lies were like knives stabbing me one by one, slow & painful.

 And in a way, statistics is but another big lie that people tell about and it is just truly sad.

 The punishment for a liar is that he begins to believe himself as it goes, he tells his story.

 No longer being able to believe anyone for fear that they are lying because you had been.

 What a pity to the liar that he was discovered just before it was getting real good on it.

 Lies, I heard it from your mouth from the very start but I told myself to forget it, my bad.

 You do not need to tell them deliberately, what you need to do is to stop lying altogether.

 Though you may have deceived people, I believe that you will find someone you cannot try to.

 I wonder if liars have a code of ethics that they follow, like when to lie and when not to do so.

 The secret to staying to be happy is by telling the obvious and backing it up by the not so.

 It was really stupid of me to believe that you can ever get away without telling any lies now.

 A wise person is someone who knows that there is no point in telling a lie, not now or ever.

 By this time, I bed you are way caught up in all the lies you told me, you have nothing to say.

 The faults lie sincerely on me for ever believing a word you have ever said, that is the reality.

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