There is nothing wrong with being happy as much as there is nothing wrong with laughing and just having fun. There is only so much a person can do and laughing is one of the best possible solutions that you can try out in order to be happy.


Sometimes, when you fake laughter, it actually becomes a real one. It is really hard to fake one but you need to try it out sometimes just to help you to breathe especially when life gets too stressful for you. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things you can do with laughing. There are so many expressions you can make with a laughter.

Now, here are some laughing memes that you can use out in order to show just how much you like a good laugh or to just tell your friend that you are so happy to the point of laughter.


When you laugh at a meme but then remember laughing extends your lifespan


That's the sealiest thing I've ever heard


I'm currently laughing out loud

Laughing at your own text before you send it


Lol!!! She's mad

Please pray for my cousin y'all. Nothing's wrong with her, she just looks like an acorn.


Oh no, you didn't. Girl, you so crazy!


STOP STOP, I'm gonna pee!


Laughing so hard, no noise coming out, so you still there clapping like a retarded seal.


"We can still be friends, though."


Hahahahahahahahahahah. NO


When you're in class and your friend makes you laugh and your teacher tells you to stop but you can't


Hilary though she was winning the election


And then I said, "You're a faggot."


Someone activates the hand dryer while I am taking a dump. So I try to push out a fart. The dryer stops right before O let out the biggest fart of my life.


When your parents yelling at you ans they start stuttering, but you tryin' not to laugh


Stop, I can't breathe, you're killing me


Sometimes, I post stuffs just to piss people off. Then I'm like, but wait there's more.


When a bitch thinks I'm worried about her


My financial status: I just rinsed off a paper plate.


I'm laughing so hard I'm crying at myself laughing so hard I cried


This is me when I see someone butthurt


When people think they can't be replaced


When you fake laugh at a customer's joke because you want a tip.


That awkward moment when everyone quit laughing 10 minutes ago but you can't stop


At the end of the day, you just gonna laugh at the BS


When I take my friends to the theater, find my friends


When you post funny joke to the Messenger group chat


When your teacher asks you to stop laughing and your sitting there like...


Yo dawg, I heard you liked memes, so I put a meme in a meme with a meme so you can laugh while you laugh while laughing


Getting half way through the conturing tutorials and the wifi goes out.


Me laughing at my own jokes that I told 20 minutes ago


Doctor Octopus robbed a bank this morning... Did he have a gun?... No, but he was well armed.

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