Kitwe Black Friday Frenzy Ends In Destruction


Kitwe Black Friday Frenzy Ends In Destruction

Hundreds of Kitwe residents on the Copperbelt have smashed windows and doors at the famous mobile city shop located at Mukuba shopping mall as they jostled for black Friday discounted phones.

This was after the residents who started gathering at the shop around 21 hours last night forced their way in at exactly midnight today.

Police had a tough time controlling the unruly crowd that pushed to buy the phones and other ICT products going at half the normal price on Black Friday.

ZNBC’s Mushota Mpundu who was at Mukuba Mall reports that the crowd overpowered armed police officers and by 01:30 hours this morning police could not contain the situation.

And Copperbelt mobile city supervisor Cleoder Lwando told ZNBC news that they decided not to sell any discounted mobile phones to avoid being looted.

Meanwhile some Kitwe residents talked to said they could not manage to buy the discounted goods because of the confusion which took close to 02:00 hours.

Elsewhere chain stores like game and ShopRite had hundreds of shoppers peacefully buying the discounted goods.

Last night Lusaka residents from all walks of life trooped to various shopping malls to take advantage of the Black Friday price reductions from various shops.

At Manda Hill shopping mall, residents gathered as early as 22 hours outside Game Stores so that they could buy goods at a cheaper prices.

And in an interview with ZNBC news, most of the shoppers stated that it is the first time that they were participated in the Black Friday shopping and wanted to confirm that the prices of goods were truly discounted.

For those who were taking part for the second time, Black Friday gives them another opportunity to buy goods which they could not afford when prices were not discounted.

This year’s Black Friday also saw Zambia’s biggest seller of shoes Bata take part for the first time.

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