I Miss You Memes

Sometimes, you will find that you are feeling a gap in your chest, a hole in your heart, something that you know you can never fill up no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try. There is a longing inside you that aches every single time you thought about the person you love, how that person used to be beside you every day, how you used to wake up seeing that person on the other side of the bed.

Or maybe you just miss how that person kisses you on your forehead before you say good night to each other. Basically, you miss everything about this one person whom you have made your world back then. But now, that person is gone and he is never coming back.

However, you can still express what you feel through these I miss you memes to say what you wanted to say to him.

I miss you pig time


I miss you when you Argon


I miss you like Michael J Fox misses soup

Don't tell me you miss me. Tell me you're outside with tacos. Actions.


I missed you. Just kidding. I threw up on your pillow.


I miss you this much


I miss you like a dumb bitch misses the point.


Hey sexy pants. I miss you.


I miss yew


I just wanted to tell you that I miss you like a recovering crack addict misses their pipe.


Boo, I really miss you now


Im gonne miss you


Hello! I miss you


I miss you so much, it's unbearable!


When you miss him but you tryna stay strong


I miss you like a fat girl misses cookies


I miss you, baby. RLY.


I miss you this much, keep up the hard work


I miss you in my ass


You can come home now, I miss you.


I miss you guys


I miss you this much


Oh my precious, I've missed you so much


Best response ever! I miss you. Come back to me. Whre are you. My apt. Go to the window. I'm here. Jump.


I miss you 'cause you're one in a minion.


I miss you


Hey, I miss you guys


When you start missing someone but then you remember the shit they did to you.


I wanna write "I miss you" on a rock and throw it at your face so you know how much it hurts to miss you.


I miss you y u no live closer


I miss you! I miss you! I miss you!!!!!

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