I Love You because Quotes

There is a reason you fell in love with the person that is special in your heart right now, maybe it is the way that she makes you laugh or the way that he looks good in everything he wears or maybe the fact that she does not wear makeup and still look elegant or the dimples in his cheeks when he smiles.
There are so many reasons and yet the one that you feel is unique.
Here are some quotes that will help explain how you feel to your special person.

I love you because of the way you make me feel, of the way my heart beats fast because of you.

What I am when I am with you is just one of the reasons in the list of why I have fancied you.

You bring out in me a person I do not recognize anymore, and that is partly why I like you.

I see what you have made out of yourself and it just makes me so proud that you are mine.

I love you because you make my heart flutter, you make my eyes moon over yours as well.

I need you now and forever, I will never leave you, that I can swear, that is how much I care.

The truth is I cannot stop liking you so much, that is what my heart and my brain is telling me.

For forever and one more day, I promise that I will continue loving you just because, my dear.

Every time I close my eyes, it is your face that I see so now tell me if this is not love, what is?

I love you because you are kind to everyone and put them all before yourself, that is why.

When I am alone, especially at night it’s your voice that I can here even when you’re not there.

Your personality is really what got me hooked on you, that is the truth, goes without saying.

I want to spend the rest of forever looking at that face of yours, your eyes, your mouth, all of it.

I love you because my world revolves around you, you are my sun on the rainiest days of life.

Your hugs and occasional pat in the back means more to me than you think it does, honestly.


What makes you the person you are right now is what makes me love you so much, dear.

I love you far more than the moon loves the earth that it remains in its orbit for far so long.

I love you because for me you are the most beautiful, most talented woman alive in the world.

Money and fame and riches do not mean anything to me, you are it for me, my dear woman.

I have let you have your way with what we have because I trust you enough, you are my heart.

I love you because you never fail to amuse me, you never fail to make me smile, a real one.

I have found the person I have been waiting for all this time in you, I am never letting go.

Despite our differences, I think I have found the lover I was looking for, you are dear to me.

There just isn’t enough words to start telling you how I care for you, how I long to be with you.

I love you because out of all the people in the world, it was you who saw right through me.

My feelings, no words can even start to express them, because they just run so wild, my love.

I have seen you through all the lenses in the world and still what I feel for you haven’t change.

I love you because even when you were out of my sight, you never went out of my mind, dear.

No matter how far you are, I have felt what you have made of me and that is why I care.

You may not know it just yet but you are the reason why I do the things that I have done.

I wish that you can share the love within you to other people as well, not just me, darling.

I love you because of the hope that you have given to me on the darkest days of my life, love.

I have seen you in your worst days and I just have to say that even then I am attracted to you.

This feeling that I have for you is with depth that I offer you, this not just a game for me.

The first time I saw you, I knew that you were the one for me and I would do all for you.

I love you because you simply make me happy by the little things that you do just for me.

All that I have ever achieved I lay down on your feet hoping you will take a look my way.

I think that of all the feelings in this world, one of these emotions that is important is hope.

I love you because I know that your heart is mine and my heart is yours as well, my beloved.

I do wish you all the best that life can give you because I promise to do my best to give it all.

I am promising my heart to you, I am promising my soul as well, for you know who I really am.

Everyone can see just how much you mean to me but it is truly sad that it is you that cannot.

I will use my lifetime trying to prove to you just how long I will love you, now and forever.

I love you because you were there for me when I needed someone to lean on, every single time.

Never will I pass up an opportunity to show you just how truly this feeling in my heart runs.

You may not hear me say the words but I will show you through my actions just how I feel.

The rest of me is with you for you have a part of my soul in you already from the first time.

I love you because if the world becomes ruins, I can still imagine starting a life together for us.

I think you are the person that is meant to be my soulmate, that we have longed for each other.

I have searched for far too long to get the things I want but it is only when I met you, I have.

If you are willing to die for that person, that ain’t love, love is to be willing to live for her.

I love you because there just isn’t anyone else for me, my heart beats solely for you, my dear.

There is not anyone else in this world that I would rather spend the rest of my life with, sweet.

Sweetheart, you are the light of my life, so let me show you just what that means to me.

I love you because you are the person I want to be beside me for the longest time, for all time.

I thought I was afraid of life itself but you have shown me that is not the case, you saved me.

I do not ever wish to be parted from the person that has caught both my heart and soul too.

Never tell me what I can or cannot do because I can prove to you that what I feel is true.

I love you because when I cannot see you, it is like I am drowning with no hope of breathing.

You are amazing and that might just be why I fell so hard for you, besides your pretty face.

Oh, you are beautiful far more than you know I have seen it first hand, your personality is.

There just ain’t no other way to put it but that I am terribly falling for you ever since then.

I love you because there just ain’t a future for me if you are not there years from now on.

We met in a place far from here and now here we are again, our paths crossed once more.

I just want to let you know that I care for you, that you have me in your arms since day one.

Even in the life after this one, I think it is still you that my heart will keep searching for.

I love you because in the midst of all my problems you still had the guts to love me, still.

Make no mistake, I do not just love anyone, when I fall, I give all of what I have to that one.

The idea of having someone be everything to you is so amazing I am glad I felt it with you.

If loving you is something I must not do, I will defy all the laws that I know just to do it.

I love you because of the way that you breathe life into mine, the way you make me feel alright.

Let me show you that none of this world matters to me if I do not have you beside me.

I will pass all those challenges laid in front of me to finally get to your heart where we’ll meet.

I do not think I will ever figure out what it was about you that has totally charmed my heart.

I love you because you make me believe that there really is magic in this world through love.

It must have been the way you look so beautiful that had me falling on my knees just for you.

When I am with you, I feel at home, I feel like everything is complete, I feel contented with life.

You are the one that is meant to be my other half and that is totally clear to me right now.

I love you because you make me see that it is possible to make the impossible things happen.

I love you because you have shown me what it is like to be loved in return after all this time.

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