How to do Abhyangsnan (oil bath) ?

How to do Abhyangsnan (oil bath) ?

From the second day of Diwali, Narak Chaturdashi, till the fourth day of Diwali, Balipratipada, abhyangasnan (an auspicious bath – oil bath) is daily recommended to obtain the spiritual benefits of the Diwali festival. In this article, we will explain how to do the abhyangasnan.

1. What is abhyangasnan (Ablution with oil – oil bath)?

Bathing is a very important daily activity of our life. We all feel very fresh after having a bath. However, do you know that the abhyangasnan is spiritually more beneficial than the ordinary bath?

Abhyangasnan is getting up early in the morning, before sunrise, applying oil to the whole body and massaging till it is absorbed in the skin and then taking warm water bath / shower.

2. Physical benefits of abhyangasnan

Abhyangasnan consists of an oil massage to facilitate the absorption of oil in the skin. Once the oil has been absorbed in the skin, a warm water bath is taken. By applying oil to the skin, it retains elasticity. Warm water is auspicious and pleasing to the body. Bathing after an oil massage retains only the required amount of oiliness that the skin and hair require. Hence an oil massage is necessary before a bath. Application of oil to the skin after a bath is not beneficial.

3. Spiritual significance of abhyangasnan

When we have every day bath or shower, the Raja and Tama components in us decrease by 0.00001 % and the Sattva component in us increases by the same amount for the duration of three hours.

However, when we do abhyangasnan, the reduction of Raja and Tama components and the increase in the Sattva component lasts for four to five hours. During the days of Diwali by taking abhyangasnan a person gets 6% more benefit of sattvikta as compared to other days.

4. Importance of applying fragrant

powder (ubatan) during Diwali before abhyangsnan

During Diwali period the arrival of the flows of Chaitanya containing the Absolute Fire (Tej), Water (Apa) and Air (Vayu) element is in higher proportion from the Universe. During this period the sensitiveness of the body to absorb Chaitanya is increased by applying ubatan on the body through its components. So the Chaitanya-flows of Deities’ Principles are spread in a person’s body.

 Why is fragrant oil mixed in the ubatan?

The ability to attract Divine frequencies flowing in the atmosphere is higher in the fragrant oil. These frequencies contain Chaitanya and the Absolute Water element. Similarly, the ability to resist the downward-spreading Absolute Water element containing distressing frequencies is higher in it. Hence, fragrant oil is mixed in ubatan and the body is massaged with it.

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