Home decoration ideas for Diwali

Home decoration ideas for Diwali


Home decoration ideas for Diwali Festival seasons in India means a time when families get together to celebrate and spend quality moments with one another. During festive occasions, all the members join hands for some major remodelling tasks. This includes cleaning every corner of the house, giving it an overhaul with striking decorations, and lending it a fresh look.


This is especially applicable during the festival of Diwali. With traditional home decoration ideas for Diwali, you can make your abode welcoming all year round. Yes, with the right approach, you can plan it long-term and make your
haven festival-ready for the whole year.

Let’s explore some of the home decoration ideas for Diwali.

Deepawali decor includes the classic approach of overhauling the puja room, entrance, lighting, furnishings, and everything that comes along.
Another idea that’s catching up with home-owners is the laying out of customized carpets and rugs according to one’s preferences and style statement — in the home temple, living room, balconies, the terrace, etc.

The following tips would work with home decoration ideas for Diwali. The best part is – the ideas are sustainable and durable for long term.

Traditional home decoration ideas for Diwali

Remodel your puja room

Pooja Room Decoration

A remodeled puja room lends an all-new appeal to your abode. You can replace old, dated wood-work with marble or glasswork. Hang some pretty bright torans, in various shades of colors.
Change your silverware or maybe just clean them — to make them all shiny and sparkling. Buy new idols and place a colorful carpet to create a cozy sitting area. Couple them with comfy floor cushions, with additional back-supports for the elderly in the family.

Get creative with the lighting

Home decor lightings

Every year, we invest on the traditional diyas to light up the home. However, you can spend on more permanent solutions. Think differently. Consider paper lampshades, glass jar lanterns, floating candles, paper cup lights, fairy lights, and candle lamps. You can place them all around the house or in the altar for an amazing glowing effect throughout the year.

DIY wall decor

Don’t allow your walls to stay empty. Allow your imagination to flow. Rethink the traditional toran. Instead of the cheap plastic torans or fresh flowers that wither the next day, make your own toran. Once Diwali is gone, don’t throw it away. Keep it for your other festivities.

Wall hanging

Those are durable and washable can be opted for. For long term sustainability, you can opt for custom made carpets and smaller sizes are also available for wall décor. They complement the modern interior in the best possible way. Subtle carpets and rugs when framed for a wall piece display class and such a décor fits with festival themes.

Adopt a different approach toward the conventional rangoli

Rangolis are obviously an inevitable part of Diwali and many other festivals and auspicious occasions. Rangoli is a symbolic and its main intention is to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into your home. Homeowners usually make rangolis from colored chalk, rice flour, and powdered colors, acrylic colors, and flowers.

But an easier and more permanent way is to purchase rangoli stencils if you are not much of an artist. Create the rangolis at the entrance, in the hallway or corners. Enhance the designs with petals and diyas to get a beautiful look.

Showcase your love for metal and masonry

Brass and copper wares can really make the entire home look so shiny. Buy a big brass pot and fill it with water. Sprinkle some flowers and lay some floating candles. Place the piece in the center of the living room — to lend it a classy appeal.

You might already have copper figures and mementos on your display units such as shelves. Couple your focal point with these pieces. Again, you can get hold of those mason jars that are available within your budget. Deck them up with small decor items. Now, keep a small tea light,fairy lights or candles inside the jar. The entire area will really sparkle up!

Change the furnishing

home decor furnishing

Changing the little things such as furnishings can really spruce up your interiors. Change the cushions, curtains, bed covers and throw in a few artifacts here and there. If you do not want to buy, use your old sarees or dupattas to create new cushion covers.

Buy new area rugs and carpets

rugs for homes

One of our favorite home decoration ideas that’s rapidly becoming a trend is the use of custom made area rugs for family gatherings, passages and outdoor. Outdoor rugs for the verandahs,balconies, and patios are also a fad. Outdoor rugs are a rage now, especially among families who love to host open roof Diwali parties.

Go for natural shades of carpets and rugs so as to compliment all the decorations – be it the lights, wall decor, rangoli, paintings, etc. Replace the old carpet in the living room, add new rugs in the puja room, or throw durries in front of the bed. These are not only eye-catching but they bring in a new feel to your home. Another idea is to change doormats. Ditch the boring ‘welcome’ signs and purchase attractive doormats with quotes, designs, and patterns.

Indeed, there’s nothing better than a handmade carpet for decorating the surface of any room. You can go for soft, warm textured or hand-woven carpets that come in cotton, wool or silk. It is not necessary that you buy one to cover the entire floor. Purchase any size according to the area you want to cover or make a focal point. Even a hand-knotted woolen carpet is a wonderful option if you don’t have the budget to buy a silk carpet. Other alternatives are cotton or jute carpet and dhurries.

You can place them vertically or horizontally wherever you want the interiors to have more definition and stand out from the rest. A Kashmiri silk carpet can lend a traditional formal look while a modern carpet gives a more contemporary look.

Diwali is the best time to plan the home decorations for all the festivals around the season, be it the decoration for Ganpati Utsav, Christmas, or New Year. Moreover, it is the ideal time to go on a shopping spree as you get so many items at very reasonable prices because of the multiple discounts, sales and offers on products. All you need to do is get creative and bring out a characteristic look in your home. Choose your favorite them and start decorating!

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