Hilarious Quotes

In this world full of ruthless and unfortunate events, escape from reality is the best option.
With this, people seek ways to entertain themselves to temporarily forget those undesirable things.
Happier thoughts are helpful to make life nicer and positive.
Here are some quotes that will surely help you laugh and could give you a joyful day ahead.

If there would be a song for every time you breathe out, it would be killing me softly.

If we’re going through a hard test; remember, we’re all in this together.

How can be hilarious without pushing yourself too much? Just be yourself.


When I was a kid, I dream to be a comedian, well it was just a dream.

If the guy told you it is okay to be fat, trust me my friend, just eat grass.

Roses are red, violets are blue, if I have a bread, I will throw it to you.

Don’t let the pet of your love one defeat you, compete and bite if necessary.

Everyone has their own beauty. I wonder what had just happened to you.

There’s no hideous creature in this world until there was you.

Everyone else already found their forever. Even the hilarious Chuckie and Beast did you?

Wise men say, only fools rush in. Yeah right, wise men!

My friend asked me what I am doing in the church, I said I am hunting angels.

The guy is totally into you when he start telling lies like you’re not fat and you’re beautiful.

Funny people are wiser than the serious one, they could make you look fool and funnier.

When someone wakes you up and ask if you were sleeping, tell them you’re practicing to die.

The world become more hilarious. Smart phones are literally smarter than humans.

When I saw Oxygen and Magnesium are dating, I blurted OMG!

If your ex would shoot among Hitler, Bin Laden and you. She will probably shoot you thrice.

When your crush sit beside you, your soundtrack would be a moment like this.

If some guys told you that happiness starts with u, they are a bunch of idiots.

When you chose game over me, you should play in North Korea. Die in a game, die in real life.

Math classes are like traveling from Earth to space. You can’t keep up then you will explode.

Nothing is as sad as when you pass by a food stall and your Mom says there’s food at home.

Passing a very hard subject is like winning a lottery, it is one in a million chance.

When you understands the lesson and others don’t, you feel you’re a lucky star.

When pretending is your exceptional skill, you cannot be fooled by anyone.

Every time the semester ends-students feels like freeing from a prison.

Lots of people are afraid of commitment. So I’m ready for the next Halloween party.


When you’re solving math problems, checking up your brain is next on your to-do-list.

It is very hilarious that animals have a better common sense than humans nowadays.

Snakes are more skilled better than you think. They can steal everything even your own.

Don’t ever leave your best friend, mark my word. That faggot knows too much.

Comedians are well paid nowadays. That is why I am so rich.

Sparks are for movies. And static electricity is for reality. Know their differences, people!

I may be ugly. But I am rich. Be practical. Life is hard and face is not necessary. You need me.

When a kid said you are ugly, you are really are. Because kids don’t lie.

When you’re single for the longest time, you started to hilariously think, I am the one.’

There’s a great mind, extraordinary mind, genius mind, master mind, and me? Don’t mind me.

There’s nothing more unfair when your seniors are hot and your class are bunch of potatoes.

Moms could be hilarious sometimes.  They say it is 8 am when in fact it is still dark outside.

Your Mom will always tell you you’re amazing and beautiful. It is because you are her product.

You want a hilarious dream? Your crush loves you and marries you.

It is quite easy to lie to your partner as long as you have a very supportive friends.

You will never be caught when you have friends that are award winning actors.

When you saw your best friend smiling alone on the corner, dude run before it’s too late.

My professor is pretty hilarious, he asks questions that he did not even taught.

There’s nothing more hilarious and fulfilling when you pass an examination without studying.

When someone said he hates you but stalk you on social media, trust me. He’s your fan.

Me and my bed are the perfect couple in town and my Mom is the hilarious witch.

When somebody asked you out on a date, wear a sports attire. Just in case it was all a game.

Moms always find first what we are looking. I think it’s time for them to find the one for us.

It is hilarious when people saw you at the supermarket and asked what you are doing there.

When you slipped in front of your crush, tell him you are a falling angel.

If being hilarious is the new cool and trend today. HA! I am number one trending right now.

Sometimes people that are overly hilarious are the ones that have big problems. Hug them.

Is it hilarious when you can fake your smile in front of your parents but not on your friends?

Mothers are great fortune teller, they could predict the future very accurately.

How amazing when you have a silly plan on your head and your best friend already knows it.

I think being hilarious is the new medicine, it actually cure sickness of the heart and soul.

What is wrong for being hilarious when in fact it can bring joy and positivity in life.

Our pets can be more hilarious than we are, they could make us laugh until we get tired.

I may not be the man of your dreams but I could be the man who can pay your bills.

You can be hilarious than Mr. Bean but you can’t be hilarious than me. I am the best.

If insulting others is hilarious for you, well I want to be a protector than a teaser.

Others said that man can’t live without phones! Oh man, I think I could for a hundred years.

I wonder how drunk I am with all the guys I fell in love with.

When you’re crush asked you why you fell on the floor, just say it’s a talent.

People say, my voice sounds like a dying cat. I could say that the truth really hurts.

When you can’t find the partner of your sock every morning, look for your dog.

Never mess with people who has hilarious and ugly pictures of you. Trust me, you’ll regret it.

When you saw your long-time friend on the street, you hilariously scream your lungs out.

Women are talented, they became investigator, historian, and detectives at the same time.

Boy friend. See that little space? Congratulations, you have found your destiny, my friend.

Foreign dramas without subtitles are easier to understand than mathematical problems.

A new friend is okay. Bu choosing her more than me? Do you like air or do you want to die?

Real friends don’t make hilarious things to each other. They make hilarious things to others.

Sometimes, when you are in a chemistry class, you have to check your pulse if you’re still alive.

People my age are already serious in relationships and I think to myself; Am I that ugly?

It is good to found your soulmate but it is better if you found person as hilarious you are.

When your teacher throw a lame joke but you need to pass the course, you need to laugh loud.

Toothpaste ads made us realize that seeing our crush with another, we can’t endure the pain.

Since I’ve watched a lot cartoon movies, I can’t understand logics anymore. It’s hilarious.

When you’re a total jerk but suddenly met your relatives at the park. You became a holy child.

When your camera catches you off guard and realized just how ugly you really are.

Free hugs and kiss? No thanks. Go kiss your foot and hug a cactus.

When you are trying to be serious but you see the silly face of your friend. You’re doomed.

Who said being hilarious is easy? You have to use your brains out to be a real one.

Don’t leave your phone unattended with your best friend or else you really regret it.

You become very hilarious when you are with your true and crazy friends.

Things I’ve learned from school- act as if listening and understands the lesson.

If the teacher says the exam is easy, review harder for it’s the other way around.

When going to war, always check your pen and calculator, surely, you’ll survive a bloody test.

Being hilarious can make a man cool and handsome-that’s why I am packed of funny lines.

Hilarious acts are what the comedian actors do seriously.

I used to be sleeping beauty but the truth slaps me and wake me up.

When you grow old, sleep is still a necessity but it will be now optional.

Always carry a joke on your pocket, when everything gets dull, throw it and all will laugh.

Girls are more attracted to jokes, cheesy lines and lies. I am lucky I got them all.

I am hilarious person that loves dead air because it is time for me to shine.

Ladies nowadays want a man full of sense of humor- thank God for giving me such a talent.

My bed is like a magnet-always attracting me whatever I am doing.

You can fake a laugh when a friend does something stupid and hilarious in public.

It is easy to make yourself hilarious than to express your true feelings in front of others.

Smiling is the best lie you could ever give to your fake friends.

It is better to look hilarious sometimes than to be a seriously looking loser.

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