Hey Girl Memes

You might as well call your favorite sister or maybe your favorite girl friend, there are a lot of reasons to call a girl. To confide in her, to tell her your secrets or maybe just to be happy for her. You can call a girl for a lot of reasons but make sure you address her properly.


After all, a girl is a very delicate creature, but never a fragile one. She is strong and she knows how to handle herself. She has been through a lot and she is going to go through a lot more but she will try her very best in order to set things in order, in order to set things right to the place where they should be.

Here are some hey girl memes to call out on your special girl and tell her that you want her attention right on you right now.


Hey girl! You're drop dead gorgeous!

Hey girl, wanna ride with me?


Hey girl! I love how you carry yourself.

Hey girl! You're like a cappucino,... hot, sweet, and you make me nervous.


Hey girl, you got this!

Hey girl, you're hot!


Hey girl, let's drink...


Hey girl, you're so beautiful, it made me cry.

Hey girl, I want to hold you like this.


Hey girl... I reserved a spot in my cabinet for you.


Hey girl just hey!


Hey, make your love life great again!


Hey girl you look so sexy!


Hey girl, I hope you have a name because I have no name.


Hey girl, have a wonderful life!


Hey girl, I'm on fire every time I see you


Hey girl, I'm no weatherman, but you can expect a few inches tonight.


Hey girl, you make my software turn to hardware


Hey girl, your body knows what to do, trust it.


Hey girl, what's up?


Ryan Gosling’s Hey Girl Memes:

We’ve come to the part where you can have Ryan Gosling’s Hey Girl memes; simply because when you hear the “Hey girl” phrase, we can remember his face. Enjoy!

Hey girl... You keep sleeping, I'll do the night feedings.


Hey girl, I actually think it's kind of adorable that you fuck up all your crafts.


Hey girl, I really like the way you inhale that Burrito


Hey girl, Let's stay in and make pinterest recipes.


Hey girl, I love the way you made that mason jar into a lamp.


Hey girl, Remember that you are a beautiful daughter of God.


Hey girl, I have a level 10 expertise badge in listening.


Hey girl, Let's sing karaoke tonight.


Hey girl, Forget about the budget, you need the Louboutins.


Hey girl, Knock those financials out... then we can cuddle.


Hey girl, Ryan Gosling is illogical.

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