Heavy Breathing Memes

After a good run, you are going to have to catch your breathe and then count to ten and tell yourself everything is going to be alright. Sometimes life fucks up with you in the time you least expect it to so you should always be prepared.


Well, there are different reasons why you should be breathing heavily, may it be exercise or other things but the bottom lines is that if you are used to it, your lungs will sooner adjust as well.

When you are tired of everything and the conversation seems to be just dragging on and on and on, here are some heavy breathing memes that will help you to figure out what it is that matters the most in your life and how it will help you to express just how you do not want any more of the conversation you are having so try them out.


[heavy breathing]


I see you there... [heavy breathing]


Denny's Oreo Milkshake? [heavy breathing]

So you in for it huh? [heavy breathing]


[heavy breathing intensifies]

What are you lookin' at? [heavy breathing]


[heavy breathing]


You done? [heavy breathing]


[heavy breathing]


When you're tryna keep your cool [heavy breathing]


[heavy breathing]


You stole my heart.. [heavy breathing]


Oh really? [heavy breathing]


[heavy breathing intensifies]


You are a clever creature... [heavy breathing]


Sexy Rogan [heavy breathing]


Observing... [heavy breathing]


Did you mean it? [heavy breathing]


When you mad at bae [staring with heavy breathing]


[heavy breathing]


I see what you did there [heavy breathing]


Let's go visit your vet! [heavy breathing]


Watching people from afar [heavy breathing]


[heavy breathing]


Heavy breathing diabetuus


Pro pain... Pro pain accessories... [heavy breathing] I tell you what


Look, a prey! [heavy breathing]


Mom: I got something for you.[heavy breathing]


The movie got me like: [heavy breathing]


You better start eating less carrots... [heavy breathing]


[heavy breathing] When world collides


I know what you're up to... [heavy breathing]

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