Harry Potter Valentine’s Day Gifts

Love is everywhere in Harry Potter — from the powerful magic Lily invokes when she protects Harry, to all the drama that unfolds between Harry and his eventual wife, Ginny. Sure, the books are about good vs. evil and all that, but there’s honestly some wonderful lessons about love and romance in there, too. That’s precisely the reason these Harry Potter Valentine’s Day gifts just make so much sense as gifts for reader in your life.

While you might not be able to whip up a love potion, enchant your home, or whisk your partner on a romantic journey with Floo Powder, you can still make your Valentine’s Day truly magical with a thoughtful, unique gift. You want to make sure you give them something they’ll treasure — something that speaks to their personality and feels romantic. You really can’t go wrong with Harry Potter. With all the series’ themes of love and friendship, any Potter-themed gift is sure to bring along a special meaning. Plus, every Potter fan is sure to delight in anything that reminds them of their favorite series.

Alex + Ani Harry Potter Ring

For the partner who electrifies you.


Hogwarts Crest Cufflinks

For the partner you want to take to the Yule Ball.


Fantastic Beasts Wand Necklace

For the partner with the perfect swish-and-flick.


Weasley-Inspired Watch

For the partner who’s on your mind all the time.


Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Charm Bangle

For the partner you just can’t wait to Slytherin to bed with.


Marauder’s Flask

For the partner who is always getting into mischief.

Golden Snitch Tie

For the partner you think is a real “catch.”

Bouquet Of Bookish Paper Roses

For the partner who skipped Herbology.

Olly Moss Notebook Set

For the partner who promises not to leave their diary in the Chamber of Secrets.


Patronus Wallet

For the partner who never lets you go “stag.”

Hogwarts Tie Bar

For the partner who leaves you tongue tied.

Harry Potter Stationary Set

For the partner who loves to send you Owls.

Fawkes Plush

For the partner who makes you feel on fire.

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