Happy Valentine’s Day Husband Funny

It doesn’t matter if you are single or not, you should never miss the fun and humor of a valentine’s day. Not every Valentine’s Day wish needs to be romantic; sometimes you can make them funny and humorous too, especially, when it’s about your single friend. You can try making your Valentine’s Day wishes funny with some witty words just like our collection of funny Valentine’s Day wishes here. When you’re single friends see these messages, no matter how sad they may be for not having a partner, their heart will instantly rejoice to recognize the sublime humor of yours. So, why getting stuck in the same old romantic valentine wishes! Try something new; try something funny, just like these funny Valentine wishes here!

Darling, I think we will have a great time together today. Just don’t forget to spend some time on dental cleaning. Happy valentine’s day!

A date with you? No thanks, I would rather have an apple by myself alone. Happy valentine’s day!

I think that I may need to learn how to wield an x-acto knife. | Valentines  puns, Valentine day cards, Valentines cards

You are just as much weird as me. That makes us a perfect couple. Happy valentine’s day to my crazy one!

The world is filled with so many people with so little love. Tonight, let’s make some love together. Happy valentine’s day!

Buy me chocolates and flowers today, or tonight you dine alone. The choice is yours, darling. Happy valentine’s day to you with love!

Funny Valentine Day Messages for Friends

Want to know my plan for today? Getting you arrested for stealing my heart. Happy valentine’s day, my love!

I love you like a lazy guy loves his bed in the morning. I want you like a monkey wants a banana and I crave for you as a fat boy craves for chocolates.

If you can’t buy happiness with money, try buying a valentine’s gift for me. It will work like magic. I can guaranty you that!

Funny Valentine's Day quote is a digital card | Funniest valentines cards, Valentines  cards, Funny valentine

When people ask me what the best thing about you is, I say nothing. I don’t want them to fall in love with you. Happy valentine’s Day!

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