Another year is upon us and another cultural decade begins. We can only hope the next 12 months will be as eventful an filled with entertainment as the past 12 have been. Thank you for staying with us for another round of exciting stories from the world of mobile technology.


We’ve been quite the busy bees in 2020 – we are on the brink of reaching 1 million subscribers on our YouTube channel, after publishing more than 140 videos in 2020 – that’s almost 24 hours of non-stop phone reviews and opinions.

Happy New Year 2020!

We also posted nearly 6,000 articles, trying to stay on point with every leak, rumor, launch and market release of the most intriguing phones on the scene. Alongside those we brought you 176 long-form reviews – which is pretty much a new review every other day.

For the new year we are wishing you a lot of positive moments, love, happiness and success in all your professional and personal projects! Create memories that will last you a lifetime!

New Year is one of the few events that are celebrated all over the world. Each person has his own unique way to celebrate the New Year 2020. Celebrating the New Year 2020 requires great pomp and magnificence. This is a time when different traditions and cultures are combined with a modern lifestyle. Most countries declare a holiday on New Year. Starting from commercial houses and offices to educational institutions, they remain closed on New Year’s Eve. People prefer to celebrate this day with their friends and family. The festive chain begins the day before the New Year.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve or the day before the New Year is the most anticipated event in the whole world. People are waiting for this event with great excitement, as it marks the beginning of a new phase of life. December 31st, i.e. The last day of the Gregorian year is celebrated as a new year. The celebration usually begins in the evening and gains momentum soon! The whole event comes to a halt late night

New Year’s Eve Ideas

December 31st and January 1st – calls for celebration and joy. It reflects the sweet memories of the past year and predicts what awaits us in the future. Below is a list of New Year’s ideas, after which you can celebrate the New Year with the perfect combination of joy and fun.

If you like parties, you can plan your night in a disc or a pub. The joy of celebrating the New Year even with a swaying crowd, it’s just great. People are so absorbed in the party that they don’t even know when the clock strikes twelve, and the New Year comes!

If you like to keep yourself and love privacy, you can go on a long trip with some of your close friends. This is an ideal way to escape from the environment and spend some free time having fun with loved ones.

If you are a family person, then you can stay at home and celebrate New Year 2020 with family and friends.

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