Nursing a beer or two is fine especially if you are not anyone’s designated driver because then you wouldn’t have to worry about anything in particular. You cannot get drunk if you are the one who will be driving yourself home, after all, to avoid any incident along the road.

On that thought, it is very important that you take note of how much you drink, especially if this is your first time to drink something alcoholic. Getting a hangover is truly a headache that makes you want to forget about ever drinking ever again. It is not that nice nursing a hangover but sometimes, you just have to go and deal with it, you drank and so that is the consequence.

Here are some hangover memes you can send to the people you had a drink with in case you think they are having a headache like you are.


How you can tell who's got a hangover


The friends who support you through the hangover


Making breakfast with a hangover


It's too bad that even at our age, we're not amture enough to meet for "a"drink because it will somehow turn into 7 drinks, 5 shots, 3 bottles of wine and a 2-day hangover.


How hangover feels inside

When you stand up and the alcohol hits you and you gotta stay focused on not dying.


Drank last night, forgot to put water by the bed


"Did you go out last night?" ... "Maybe..."


A hangover is god's way of telling you he's jealous you had a good time


When you somehow wake up without a hangover but you feel it coming


Oh god, how much did I drink last night?


One drink and we go home.... 5:45 AM


When you wake up still drunk but you know a hangover is coming.... "Dark and difficult times lie ahead."


Ehhh errr gahhhh Need. Gatorade.


When you eat shitloads of food to try and cure your hangover but now you're just hungover and fat


When you wake up the next day with no idea of what happened last night


The best cure for a hangover is being under the age of 25.


What the hell happened last night


HANGOVER...When you tell yourself (once more) that you will never drink that much again.


When you wake up with a hangover dehydrated AF and don't know what year it is


When you're having a good time but the hangover just waitin' on you like


Last hangover you said you were never drinking again... Tonight's events proved that to be a lie


Stages of a hangover


I don't abuse alcohol, I teach it a fucking lesson


This hangover is unbearable


I'm not saying I have a hangover, but... I can hear light right now


Can't get a hangover if you're never sober


Waking up on Sunday morning with no hangover


Hnagovers? Ain't nobody got time for that


When your hangover wakes you up and you lie there for hours needing a pass and a glass of water.


What the fuck happened last night


Oh, so you have a hangover? Tell me all about how you're never going to drink again

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