39+ Halloween Wood Signs For Creepy Dark Night

Halloween Wood Signs: I’m so excited to share this fun DIY Halloween Sign! This wood sign is easy to make with your Cricut Machine and looks festive and fun on your front porch.

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Front Porch DIY Halloween Sign

In this post we show you how to make a sign with these simple steps: choosing a Halloween SVG, painting a piece of wood and cutting and applying a vinyl design with a Cricut machine. In addition to teaching you how to make a wood sign with vinyl lettering I have a list of amazing Halloween sign ideas to inspire you to make your own!

If you don’t have a Cricut and are on the fence about getting one check out my review on the Cricut Explore Air 2, spoiler alert I love my Cricut! Also check out another fun Cricut project I just finished: DIY Ceramic Tile Coasters with Vinyl Lettering.

Where to find cut (SVG) files for the Cricut?

In addition to the Cricut Design Space you can purchase cut files in several places online to make a truly unique wood painted sign!

When searching the sites I’ve got listed below make sure to type in SVG after your search term. SVG is the file format you’ll want to purchase to upload to the Cricut Design Space.

The file I used to make this Halloween sign came from THIS Fall Porch Sign SVG Pack.

  • Cricut Design Space– is always my go to first stop. When you get into design space and navigate to the left side menu “images” you can type in the search bar for specific words like Halloween, Black Cat, Skull, etc. If Cricut doesn’t have something you love there are other websites that sell SVG files.
  • Etsy– There are so many great designers who sell their SVG files on Etsy.
  • Design Bundles– Another fun site that sells SVG files
  • Craft Bundles– And yet another site that sells great SVG files

Looking for the right file can be a little overwhelming since there are SO many options. I recommend thinking about exactly what you want and searching for more specific words like “Halloween Sign SVG” or “Fall Front Porch Sign SVG” because if you just type in Halloween you’ll get 426,000 options.

What supplies will you need to make a DIY Halloween Sign?

Supplies to make a wood painted Halloween sign with vinyl lettering

  • Cricut Machine
  • Spooky Witch SVG file
  • Black permanent vinyl
  • Transfer Tape
  • 24” Cricut cutting mat
  • 5.5” x 24” wood plank
  • Orange craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Cricut Weeder tool
  • Cricut Spatula tool

How to make a DIY Halloween sign with vinyl lettering.

Making wood signs is so fun! It’s a pretty simple process and if you’re using vinyl lettering it comes together quickly! There are 3 main steps to this project.

  1. Paint the wood. If your board is rough you’ll want to sand it before painting. You can use basic craft paint to paint the board. Make sure to let it dry completely before putting the vinyl lettering on.
  2. Cut the vinyl. Using Cricut Design Space you need to upload your SVG file, size it correctly for your wood piece and then cut the vinyl.
  3. Apply the vinyl. Weed (remove) all the negative space vinyl and use transfer tap to apply the vinyl to the painted wood board.

If you’re interested in the lettering being painted on wood check out my Wood Painted Christmas Sign where I used vinyl letters as a mask, painted on top and then removed the vinyl to have the letters show as the color of the wood.

Tip for transferring vinyl.

When you are transferring cut vinyl with transfer tape I have found the best method is to first rub the vinyl quite hard with a spatula or back of a ruler and then to peel the paper directly backwards. In stead of pulling the paper backing at an upward angle try to pull it all the way backwards in kind of a rolling motion so the area where the cut vinyl is coming off is a fold. This really helps the letters come off of the paper and stay stuck onto either the transfer sheet or the wood.

removing transfer tape from wood sign
Front Porch DIY Halloween Sign

DIY Halloween Sign

yield: 1 SIGN
prep time: 30 MINUTES
active time: 30 MINUTES
additional time: 30 MINUTES
total time: 1 HOUR 30 MINUTES
difficulty: BEGINNER
estimated cost: $10.00

This spooky witch sign is a festive decor piece for Halloween. You can make this Halloween porch sign as small, or as large as you’d like! Follow this step by step tutorial to make one for your home, or even as a gift!


    1. Paint the wood plank with craft paint and allow to dry for 10-20 minutes. Apply a second coat, and allow to dry completely. At least an hour.painting a wood plank for prep for Halloween sign
    2. Open Design Space and insert the SVG file. On the left hand menu choose upload then select the file from your computer. After inserting the file into a blank canvas size the image to be 5” x 17.557”.  To resize an image in Cricut Design Space select the image and then look to the top menu where you’ll see the… Place your vinyl onto the 12”x24” Cricut cutting mat.
    3. Select Make in the right hand corner of Design Space, cut the vinyl and then remove from cutting mat.
    4. Remove excess vinyl, weeding out the areas on the outside of the design and inside the letters. You want to remove all the negative space that you don’t want to be on your final wood sign.wedding vinyl lettering for a DIY Halloween Sign

    1. Peel the backing from the transfer tape, and apply the sticky side on top of the vinyl design. Use the spatula to rub the transfer tape onto the vinyl design and remove the backing of the vinyl exposing the sticky side of the vinyl letters.Using a spatula to transfer vinyl lettering

  1. Carefully place the vinyl design in the center of the wood plank, and use the spatula to rub the design onto the wood. Carefully peel back the transfer tape to see your finished sign! applying vinyl lettering to a diy halloween sign
  2. Place your sign on your front porch or in your home and enjoy! 

When you make your wood sign make sure and let me know! I love to see when you make projects from the blog! Leave a comment or tag me on instagram @handmadeintheheartland or facebook !  Keep scrolling for over 30 more ideas for DIY Halloween signs!

DIY Halloween Signs

There are so many fun Halloween signs out there! This list should give you some great inspiration for creating your own DIY Halloween sign! Some of these signs are for sale on Etsy or other places but you could easily take these ideas as inspiration, look for SVG files similar and make them yourself!

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