Halloween Makeup: At this time, the Internet is flooded with all kinds of makeup ideas for Halloween night. There is no doubt that in 2021 the celebration of October 31 will be very different due to the context of the COVID-19 pandemic : restrictions on nightlife, limited social gatherings, hygiene measures (mask), physical distancing, etc. But there will be many who do not give up celebrating the most terrifying night with a costume and makeup worthy of the occasion.

Among all the proposals that circulate on the internet these days, there is never a lack of classics such as the skull, the witch and the clown. Although many of those makeups are so elaborate that they can only be done by professionals. And it is not always easy to find easy Halloween makeup ideas or  proposals to recreate at home without being an expert .

The key if we are not professionals and we want a good result is to  have a good makeup  (water-based makeup, brushes and sponges, basically) and opt for simple, but showy ideas that allow us to surprise on October 31.

Here we collect some that we can recreate at home:

The Countess (American Horror Story)

The character of the singer  Lady Gaga  in the hit series American Horror Story has generated a large number of recreations on the internet, some of which we can imitate as makeup on Halloween night. The keys to this “look” are to make up the face with a pale tone; hide the eyebrows with concealer of dark circles; make up the eyes with a smoky and soft but well torn outline; darken the cheekbones line; paint the lips a dark red and stain the corner and neck with fake blood.

In addition, we can complete the costume with a  wig in an oxygenated blonde tone , like the one the actress wore in her character.

The Money Heist

The series has been one of the national and international television successes in recent seasons. Without a doubt  , Dalí’s mask  has become a recognizable emblem of this series and many will choose to wear it on Halloween night 2020. But we can also recreate the famous face with makeup in a simple and uncomplicated way, with  just three colors . The idea is to make up the face in white and draw the features with black paint (eyebrows, mustache, chin and cheeks), in addition to subtle red blushes. Since it is a recreation of a mask, we must also mark the side fasteners in black, as well as the outline of the mask, which is supposed to be superimposed on the face.

Finally, we will only have to dress up with the red jumpsuit worn by the characters in the series or, failing that, with a red hoodie.

A Clockwork Orange

It is one of the simplest and most effective makeup to dress up on Halloween night. It basically consists of making  up one eye  to make it stand out, mainly with eyelashes, which can be painted or false (exaggerated). We can complete the makeup of that eye with a shading of the banana (“cut crease”) with a brown tone to give depth.

In the example of the video we are also proposed to  lightly contour the features  (nose, chin, jaw and cheekbones) playing with the concealer and contour makeup, as well as a brush to blend. Finally, we only need to dress up with a bowler hat and the white outfit of the character from the  Stanley Kubrick movie .


He is one of the most popular fictional horror characters today and can inspire an ideal Halloween night makeup. And although there are very professional versions like this “instagramer”, we can  resort to more simplified versions  that do not require as much mastery of makeup as this one:

The essence of this “look” is to recreate  the exaggerated features of a doll  with well-blurred black or brown pencil: larger eyes (with dramatic false eyelashes if possible), arched eyebrows, high cheekbones, and so on. Freckles and red lips complete this “Halloween” makeup with which we can succeed.


The makeup of the  most famous villain in the Batman universe  is a good easy makeup option for Halloween. It is enough to have water-based makeup in red, blue and white to recreate the characteristic features of this chilling character to achieve a terrifying “look” that does not require much precision. We can complete it by painting the hair green.

Harley quinn

The two-tone makeup of the Suicide Squad character   is another simple makeup option for Halloween that can give us a lot of play when it comes to dressing up without much effort. Although we could choose different “looks”, this one in blue and pink is especially easy to recreate as well as representative of the character.


The makeup of the movie starring the witch from  Sleeping Beauty  is also one of the most imitated on the internet at this time. It is a fairly simple “look” that relies mainly on contouring the features to mark them and make them harder. The red lipstick, the pale complexion and the intense gaze complete a makeup that cannot be without the characteristic complement of the head.

Terrifying pumpkin

An original and simple alternative could be this makeup inspired by one of the most typical elements of Halloween night: the  pumpkin . By making up the eyes, mouth and neck in black with a rather ghostly air we can get a perfect costume for October 31st.

Makeup with mask for Halloween

catrina mask

The novelty of this Halloween 2020 on the street will undoubtedly be the masks, so many will have to integrate them into their costume or makeup. A good alternative are the  masks decorated with Halloween motifs  that we can find in shops and online stores. We can even do without almost all makeup if we wear a mask with a good design. For example, the recurring skull, but also other types of skulls and terrifying monsters.

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