Halloween Makeup Kit

Halloween Makeup Kit: Once you have your Halloween costume all figured out, the makeup is often just as essential. But on this one night, you might need to invest in a few products you don’t typically wear in your day-to-day routine. You know, like glow-in-the-dark face paint and Euphoria stickers. And let’s be honest: Some looks are all about the beauty look, like Harley Quinn, for instance. This tutorial from Christen Dominique breaks it down step by step:

Whether you’re channeling Harley, another classic costume, or something unique you dreamed up all on your own, these 12 makeup kits and essentials will help you achieve your spookiest, coolest looks.

1Birds of Prey BOP Harley Quinn Makeup Kit
Birds of Prey

With a tube of washable white makeup, a black makeup stick, red lipstick, temporary tattoos, and two makeup sponges, this kit contains just about everything you need for Harley’s signature alabaster makeup look.

2SFX Face and Body Paint Palette

From the light-hearted (animals) to the eerie (clowns), these ultra-pigmented face and body paints can help you create just about any look imaginable. And there’s a bright version, too!

3Leopard Spots Makeup Stencil Halloween Costume Makeup

There are at least a dozen different ways to do cat makeup for Halloween, and this stencil makes any spotted look about a zillion times easier. Add a cat-eye, an ear-adorned headband and you’re ready for a night out.

4UV Face Paint Kit

Talk about intense: This ultraviolet face palette glow under black lights for a cool, unexpected party look. Plus, the formulas are water-based (read: easy to remove), hypoallergenic, and vegan.

5Black and White Makeup Kit

From skeletons to ghosts to Black Swans, a surprising number of classic makeup looks require just two pigments: black and white. This teeny kit helps you recreate those looks without investing in a full rainbow of shades.

6Pro Palette Paintstick x 12

On the other hand, if you want a full color palette to work with, this huge palette has 12 bold, highly pigmented colors that can be worn as is or blended to create just about any shade you can think of.

7Lime Crime Astronomical Volumizing Vegan Mascara
Lime Crime

Bright mascara is a simple way to add drama to colorful costumes like a fairy or peacock. This formula comes in lavender, green, and blue (in addition to black), and is also vegan.

8Face Paint Crayons
Blue Squid

Technically these are face paint crayons for kids. But if you’re not skilled with makeup brushes and pigment, these crayons are so easy to use. The variety of colors and smooth formula allow even makeup newbies to create a beauty-centric costume.

9Athena Face Body Paint Oil

With 20 shades—including two oversized pans of black and white—this waterproof face and body paint set is perfect for letting your imagination run wild.

10Super Lustrous Lipstick in Onyx

Black lipstick is the perfect final touch for loads of creepy looks. But don’t worry about it wasting away the other 364 days a year: The color has become a fall beauty staple.

11Gem On Decorative Face & Body Jewels
BH Cosmetics

Whether you’re channeling an ice princess or going full Euphoria Cool Teen, these stick-on face gems are a cool update to regular glitter. And at $6 for the pack, you can hand them out to your friends like candy (because they’ll definitely want some).

12Holographic Fantasy Set
Donni Davy

Speaking of Euphoria, the hit show’s makeup artist Donni Davy released genius sets of makeup stickers to help you get that signature look in minutes. Why waste time with brushes and pigments when you can just stick and go?

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