Halloween Letter Board Ideas & Quotes 2020

Halloween Letter Board: From the influx of Halloween quotes on our timelines over the last few weeks, it’s clear the letter board trend hasn’t gone anywhere—and we’re not complaining! There’s no better time than a holiday to incorporate one of these felt boards into your seasonal fall decor, so we’ve rounded up the funniest Halloween letter boards on Instagram.

The boards first appeared on our timelines several years ago, but their popularity has only grown since then. Internet searches for “letter board quotes” have risen 222% over the last five years, according to Google Trends, and there are more than 136,550 Instagram photos with the hashtag #letterboardquotes.

We’re guessing these funny phrases will inspire you to decorate a board of your own. If you don’t already have one, there are several affordable options in a variety of colors and sizes. Black felt boards with a wood frame (like this 10-Inch Letter Board, $18.95, Amazon) seem to be the most popular choice based on Instagram posts, but we’ve also been seeing pretty gray felt boards lately too (like this 14-Inch Gray Letter Board, $19.99 Target).

Borrow one of these funny phrases or come up with your own—then use it to inspire your indoor Halloween decor this spooky season.

Fill the Candy Bowl

Is it really Halloween if you don’t devour the candy bowl before Halloween night? If you plan on stocking up on this year’s new Halloween candies for your trick-or-treaters, go ahead and buy two bags of everything. The Creepy Cocoa Crisp M&Ms and Cauldron Skittles are so good, you could easily eat half of them before any trick-or-treaters show up on your doorstep.

Whose Candy Is It, Anyway?

No shame here! If you took the time to dress a small human in a kid’s Halloween costume, taught them how to say “trick-or-treat,” and followed them from door to door all night, you deserve some of that candy. Besides, they’ll never notice that one or two (or three or four) Snickers went missing in the night.

Mom’s Favorites Only, Please

Kit Kat bars and Reese’s peanut butter cups both landed on this year’s most popular Halloween candy list, so we think this mom has the right idea! Bonus points if you can teach your little one to pick the new Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats out of those big trick-or-treat bowls.

Ghostly Giggles

In some towns, children are expected to tell a joke in order to earn their trick-or-treat candy, so we’re loving the idea of a letter board that rotates a few good puns throughout the season. And we’re totally loving the paper bats: You can incorporate the bat theme into your own decor by hanging this easy paper bat garland on a mantel or over your letter board.

Disney-Inspired Lyrics

These re-imagined lyrics from The Little Mermaid have us cracking up. No matter how many Snickers, Twizzlers, and Butterfingers we buy for our pumpkin-shaped candy dishes, it will never be enough!

Low-Effort Decor

We can totally relate to this one! Halloween gives us a good excuse to leave those cobwebs—especially faux ones, like this braided yarn spiderweb—on display all season long. There are more important things than dusting this time of year—like stocking up on Halloween candy and making sure your outdoor Halloween decor is in tip-top shape.

Wine, Please!

We won’t lie, sometimes a glass of wine is exactly what you need after a long night of trick-or-treating with little monsters. And lucky for you, we’ve come up with the best wine pairings for every Halloween candy, so all you have to do is pour a glass and relax!

It’s Hocus Pocus!

We find ourselves using this phrase a lot in the days leading up to Halloween. Costume doesn’t fit right? It’s just Hocus Pocus! All the candy corn mysteriously disappeared from the candy dish? Hocus Pocus! Take a line from the classic Halloween movie and turn it into clever Halloween decor.

Coffee Withdrawals

You don’t have to don a costume to get a super scary Halloween look, just ask this letterboard! A lack of caffeine does sound truly terrifying in the middle of the Halloween rush. Besides, Starbucks is still serving the new Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, so why deprive yourself?

The best part of decorating with letter boards is that you don’t have to commit to one quote or design for the season—pick your favorites and cycle through them from now until Halloween!

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