Halloween Kills Cast

The Halloween Kills cast so far is like a Halloween reunion, with actors from both the original film and the reboot coming back. Jamie Lee Curtis is reprising her role as Laurie Strode, with James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle coming back to play Michael Myers. Judy Greer and Andi Matichak are also reprising their roles as Karen and Allyson, respectively. Dylan Arnold (who played Cameron Elam, Allyson’s ex-boyfriend), Omar Dorsey (Sheriff Barker), and Jibrail Nantambu (Julian Morrissey, the boy Vicky was babysitting) are coming back for Halloween Kills as well.

Halloween Kills is also adding new names to play some well-known characters and bringing back some from the original film. Kyle Richards will reprise her role as Lindsey Wallace, Charles Cypher is playing Sheriff Leigh Brackett once more, and Nancy Stephens will portray Nurse Marion Chambers again after doing so in the first two Halloween films. Anthony Michael Hall is joining the franchise as Tommy Doyle, along with Robert Longstreet as Lonnie Elam, Cameron’s father and the kid who bullied Tommy in 1978. In a classy move, Paul Rudd, who played an adult Tommy in Halloween 6, has given Hall’s casting his blessing.

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