Halloween Jello Shots

Halloween Jello Shots Get drunk on more than sugar with these party-perfect treats. From Hocus Pocus-themed shots to PSL concoctions, there’s something for everyone in this fun, festive collection of jell-o shot recipes.

Glowing Jell-O Shots

Nothing says “paaaarty” like a Jell-O shot. Especially one that glows.

glowing jell o shots



Oreo Jell-O Shots

Even after a double take you wouldn’t believe these aren’t Oreos.

Oreo Jell-O Shots - Delish.com

Hocus Pocus Jell-O Shots

They’ll put a spell on you.

Hocus Pocus Shots

Brain Big Batch Jell-O Shot

Kick off a Halloween bash with this insane, booze-spiked brain.

Brain Big Batch Jell-O Shot

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