Halloween Donuts

Halloween Donuts: Getting into the Halloween spirit at Krispy Kreme.

In addition to the witchy-name, Krispy Skreme is offering four new Halloween-themed treats.

Doughnuts decorated with cats, cauldrons, and witches’ brooms are available at participating U.S. locations now.

Two of the new treats use the original Krispy Kreme doughnut base. Abra Cat Dabra Doughnuts are glazed doughnuts decorated with iced cats, and the Spooky Sprinkle Doughnut is also an original glazed doughnut dipped in orange icing and dusted with Halloween-themed sprinkles.

There is one chocolate option on the list – the Enchanted Cauldron Doughnut. The Bewitched Broomstick Doughnut is an unglazed shell filled with purple and green icing, gold stars, and a pretzel “broomstick.”


Krispy Kreme Krispy Skreme Halloween

Krispy Skreme will also offer price deals that make fans cheer, not scream, in addition to the new menu items. For just $1 more, customers ordering a dozen doughnuts can purchase another dozen. This deal, dubbed “Saturday Scary Sharies,” will offer the $1 dozen doughnuts in a special spellbook-style box on Oct. 16, Oct. 23 and Oct. 30.


Worried you’ll miss out on the “Saturday Scary Stories?” No worries! Wearing a costume to Krispy Kreme on Oct. 31 will get a free doughnut.

Krispy Kreme never misses a chance to join in the holiday fun if you’re a fan. Whether celebrating the Fourth of July, a rare Strawberry Supermoon, or just welcoming in a new season, the beloved donut brand is all about giving fans a delicious reason to stop in. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’ve released a new lineup of spooky and delightful treats for Halloween.


Starting now through October 31, Krispy Kreme – which has aptly rebranded as Krispy Skreme for the duration of this spooky season – will offer Halloween-themed donut holes featuring not one, but four different flavors. Are you ready to find out what they are? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.


The first, named the Abra Cat Dabra, is an Original Glazed doughnut dunked in chocolate icing and finished off with dark sanding sugar. Furthermore, obviously, it’s finished to look simply an amicable dark feline. In case you’re searching for something a touch more otherworldly, notwithstanding, you can likewise get an Enchanted Cauldron donut, which is a Glazed Chocolate Cake doughnut that is finished off with green and dark Kreme, multi-hued sprinkles, and pretzels.

For those of you searching for to a greater degree a witchin’ happy time, the Bewitched Broomstick donut is the most ideal treat for you. Made with an unglazed shell doughnut and finished off with an icing whirl, green buttercream, and a pretzel for the “broomstick,” you’ll can’t help thinking about why it can’t be Halloween the entire year. Furthermore, shouldn’t something be said about that last doughnut, you inquire? Despite the fact that it’s simply an Original Glazed doughnut dunked in orange icing and a Halloween-themed sprinkle mix, the Spooky Sprinkle still figures out how to fit itself serenely in with the general mish-mash of horrendous merchandise.

Along these lines, in case you’ve been searching for a reason to offer your heating abilities a reprieve and get something previously made, here’s your sign. Furthermore, — in the event you were pondering — you can likewise score yourself twelve doughnuts for just $1 each Saturday starting Saturday, October 16 just as catch a free doughnut on Halloween on the off chance that you appear in an ensemble. What an arrangement!

Be that as it may, a fun new name isn’t the finish of the Halloween festivity. There will likewise be four new doughnuts accessible for the season: The Abra Cat Dabra donut, Enchanted Cauldron donut, Bewitched Broomstick donut and Spooky Sprinkle donut.

Abra Cat Dabra Doughnut

This rendition of the Original Glazed doughnut is dipped in chocolate icing and black sanding sugar, for a result that looks like a spooky cat with icing and sugar fondant eyes. ​

Enchanted Cauldron Doughnut

A Glazed Chocolate Cake doughnut that is topped with Kreme and then decorated like a cauldron. It is finished off with sprinkles and a pretzel witch’s broomstick.

Bewitched Broomstick Doughnut

What starts as an unglazed shell doughnut, gets dipped in purple icing, which is then topped with an icing swirl and gold stars, and finally green buttercream and a pretzel stick broomstick. ​

Spooky Sprinkle Doughnut

This Original Glazed doughnut is dipped in orange icing and topped with a Halloween sprinkle blend.


“We all deserve an incredibly great Halloween this year. So, we’re turning into Krispy Skreme for the month and scaring up some amazing Halloween doughnuts along with some spooky good deals,” said Dave Skena, chief marketing officer for Krispy Kreme, in a statement. “Help us have fun too by coming by on Halloween in costume and we’ll give you a free doughnut!”

Krispy Kreme has been generous with its discounts these past few months, offering free doughnuts to those who are fully vaccinated every day. The autumn festivities will not be any different this year. A deal will be available each Saturday starting October 16 through October 30, where customers will be able to purchase a “Saturday Scary Sharies” dozen for $1 with a dozen purchased anywhere else, packaged in a special edition spell book dozen box. You’ll also get a free doughnut on Halloween if you visit a store in costume – no purchase required.

Krispy Kreme is known for introducing new flavors and varieties every season. The chain launched its first cinnamon roll just in time for National Coffee Day!

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