49+ Halloween Dog Collars To Keep Your Dog Around You

Halloween Dog Collars : If you look forward to all things spooky, orange, and black every year, you’re not alone. Picking out a costume for Halloween is one of the best parts of fall, and it’s even better when you can include your dog in the festivities. Whether you want to give your pet an excuse to celebrate every day of October, or you’re not sure they’re quite willing to rock a full costume, Halloween dog collars are a great way to share your Halloween enthusiasm.

Before picking out a collar for your dog, it’s a good idea to measure your pet. Because dog collars are not all manufactured in the same way, your pet could be a medium in one brand and an extra-large in another—and measuring in accordance with your chosen product’s size chart will save you the headache of a return.

Dressing up your pooch is always fun, but you want to put them in more than just a silly t-shirt! You like to let your imagination run wild when picturing your pet in the perfect outfit. With one of these amazing Dog Costumes, your dog can transform into something truly extraordinary for Halloween, holidays, or any time you want to elevate their cuteness to another level!

We’re here to supply your furry friend with an array of Classic Dog Costumes, Holiday Dog Costumes, Celebrity Dog Costumes, Superhero Dog Costumes, and many more great options. Turn your little one into a scary monster this Halloween as Barkenstein, a walking werewolf, or a spooky ghost dog as you take them trick-or-treating. As the holidays roll around, they’ll make a great turkey dog during Thanksgiving dinner and an even better elf dog when the family opens presents Christmas morning.

Our officially licensed costumes can also transform your pup into any of your favorite characters, from Marvel to Disney and any other iconic TV & Movie greats. With a simple Superman Dog Cape, your four-legged friend’s cuteness will be more powerful than a locomotive. For something a little more magical, don them in this Mickey Mouse Dog Costume to bring in the smiles from people of all ages!

Whether you’re gearing up for a special occasion or a simple photo op, your pooch won’t go wrong with any of these outstanding outfits! BaxterBoo’s online pet store is your one-stop shop for dog supplies and cat supplies!

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The Best Halloween Dog Collars

These are some of the best Halloween dog collars we’ve found. Some are purely decorative, meant to go with a real collar, but most are functional as regular collars, with themes from spooky to sweet to fit your pet’s—and your—personality.

1. Buckle-Down Halloween Dog Collar

Buckle-Down seat belt style Halloween dog collar

This Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired collar features a Jack Skellington motif against gray fabric, with a stylish seatbelt buckle–style clasp.

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2. Eyesonme Dog Bow Tie

Eyesonme dog bow tie collar

This dapper bowtie reminds us of the Addams Family. It’s a great, minimalist collar-style option for dressing up your dog for Halloween, without going full costume.

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3. Rubie’s Clown Collar and Hat

Rubie's Halloween dog clown collar and hat

This adorable clown collar comes with a hat that will probably only last a minute or two on your dog, but it’ll be worth it.

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4. Blueberry Pet Halloween Dog Collar

There’s a lot of Halloween to love on this spooky patterned collar. The felt pumpkin decoration can be removed via a simple elastic loop. It’s made of polyester with eco-friendly plastic buckles and is available in tons of fall-, Halloween-, and Thanksgiving-themed designs.

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5. Midlee Pumpkin and Spider Web Halloween Dog Collar

This very festive pumpkin and spiderweb mesh ribbon collar is basically a Halloween wreath that your dog can wear along with their regular collar (it’s purely decorative and can’t be attached to a leash or used as a restraint).

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6. Buckle-Down Batman Shield Dog Collar

Buckle-Down Batman-themed collar

Another fun seatbelt-clasp style dog collar from Buckle-Down, this one incorporates a superhero theme. Turn your dog into Batman, or rather Batdog, with this stylish accessory to save Gotham City.

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8. Buckle-Down Wonder Woman Dog Collar

Wonder Woman print dog collar

Unleash your dog’s inner warrior princess with this Wonder Woman collar and keep the superhero theme going!

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9. Frisco Orange Cobwebs Dog Collar


orange collar with spider webs from Frisco

This orange and black collar features a spooky spider-and-cobwebs design so your dog will be on-theme for any Halloween occasion.

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10. Native Pup Candy Corn Halloween Dog Collar

Love ’em? Hate ’em? This collar can be a real conversation starter thanks to its print of one of the most divisive Halloween candies out there.

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11. Vaburs Plaid Dog Bow Tie

Collie in Vaburs dog bow tie

For a more subtle—but very dapper—Halloween look, you can’t go wrong with this orange and gray plaid bowtie number, which comes in four other fun and festive colors. It’s made of cotton and synthetic leather and is adjustable.

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12. Aring Pet Pumpkin Dog Collar

Your dog can wear this sweet pink pumpkin collar all autumn long. It’s cotton, comes in five sizes, and includes a matching detachable bowtie.

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13. Hocus Pocus Halloween Dog Collar

Orange collar with "Thackery Binx" lettering and cat silhouette

Is it even Halloween if you haven’t watched Hocus Pocus yet? This themed collar is perfect for fans of the classic Halloween flick. It comes in multiple sizes and widths so it can work for pets of all sizes—including black cats who used to be human.

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14. Bolbove Pet Adjustable Halloween Collar

Black collar with dancing ghosts and pumpkin charm

This festive Halloween collar features a spooky ghost print and comes with a small pumpkin bell on its D-ring.

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15. Buckle-Down Star Wars R2-D Dog Collar


Buckle-Down R2D2 print collar

Buckle-Down’s movie-themed collars are pretty delightful—it’s hard to choose just one! Star Wars fans can dress their dog up as “R2-Dog2” for this year’s trick-or-treating.

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16. Native Pup Pumpkin Halloween Dog Collar


Decorated with expressive orange jack-o’-lantern pumpkins, this collar is a Halloween classic.

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17. Stock Show Skull Dog Collar

Stock Show black collar with silver skulls

This faux-leather collar ringed with zinc alloy skulls is equally creepy and cool, for the pup with attitude to spare. It’s available in three sizes.

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18. Buckle-Down Scooby-Doo Collar

Scooby-Doo-themed dog collar

It’s the perfect piece for the only dog you’d want by your side when you have a Halloween mystery to solve (like who ate all the candy corn). Give your pup this throwback Scooby-Doo dog collar for your fall adventures together.

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19. Frisco Monster Bash Dog Collar


Frisco monster heads on orange dog collar

It’s a graveyard smash! Celebrate your love of Halloween monsters with this cute graphic collar that’s just enough costume for the dog who won’t dress up.

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21. Bseen LED Dog Collar

Been LED dog collar, multiple colors

Give your pet more visibility with this glow-in-the-dark doggy necklace that’s safe and festive. It’s ideal for your dog to wear while out trick-or-treating—and for when your dog is up for an after-dark dog park party.

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