Halloween Candy Bowl

Halloween Candy Bowl: Having a good time is what Halloween is about. How can you even celebrate the holiday without being a little extra? Taking part in Halloween is announcing your festive spirit to the world. It’s up to you whether you want to do it by way of elaborate Halloween decor that stays up longer than socially acceptable or by way of the costume you have been planning with your friends for months. You can also express your creativity by organizing Halloween activities and creating the spookiest Halloween desserts. If you want to achieve a spooky season of extravagance and excellence, pay attention to every detail.

To ensure you don’t run out of your favorite Halloween candy this October, we’ve got you covered with the best Halloween candy bowls. If you like to get your sugar fix all season long, perhaps you’d like to keep a spirited ceramic bowl handy. If you’re like me, maybe you are on the hunt for a novel trick-or-treating recipe that will wow your neighbors, including cats, ballerinas, and cowboys. You’ll find a candy dish for your treats this Halloween whether it’s an animated bowl to ward off greedy hands or a glass pumpkin jar that doubles as a centerpiece.

The perfect Halloween gift this season is this adorable pumpkin bowl with a matching lid. Put a handful of them on your table to create a centerpiece or use them as an accent piece. This is the ideal size for fall soups and dips, as well as sweets.

Ceramic Spider Bowl


The glossy ceramic finish, the adorable eyes, the supportive spider legs—what’s not to love about this super cute, creepy crawly bowl? It’s perfect for storing your Halloween candy!


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Black Cauldron Kettle


A classic (and affordable!) cauldron is a Halloween staple. You can also give it to the little ones to collect their trick-or-treating loot or use it as a wicked prop for a last-minute costume.



Trick or Treat Ceramic Dish

Boston International

The green dripping ooze on the rim of this cauldron candy bowl is the ultimate spooky touch. Plus, we’re suckers for that cute font!



Witch Treat Bowl


Fill this bowl with treats at your Halloween party and give your guests a witchy surprise at the bottom! No tricks here–this festive bowl boasts durable material and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.



Animated Monster Hand Bowl

Sunstar Industries 

Dig in at your own risk! Your candy is safe with this sound and motion-activated bowl that will fend off tricksters when the creepy hand clamps down. Customers add that “it has a great voice to accompany that fast-moving, spooky green hand.”

7Ceramic Candy Corn Snack Bowl


Anchored by a festive base of candy corn and spiders, this ceramic bowl is giving us all of the Halloween vibes we need. You’ll want to reach for this dish all season long to get your candy fix.



Gothic Candy Bowl

Fun Express 

Going for a gothic theme this season? Look no further than this killer creative coffin for storing treats. We love the cobweb and skull detailing on the exterior of this unique candy bowl.



Ceramic Halloween Bowl Trio

Cypress Home 

Enjoy triple the Halloween fun with this trio of ceramic bowls, featuring a ghost, pumpkin, and spider web. Made for ghoulish gatherings, you can fill each bowl with a different Halloween treat— from savory snacks to sweet candies.



Skeleton Skull Bowl


Fill this spooky skeleton to the brim with your favorite candy this Halloween. It’s certainly a statement piece!



Large Spider Web Basket Bowls

Fun Express 

You’ll definitely want to add these plastic spider web bowls to your Halloween collection this season. The trio of purple, orange, and black bowls is perfect for all of your candy distribution needs on October 31—because you don’t have to worry about them shattering!



Cereal Killer Bowl

Calling all cereal killers! Enjoy your go-to breakfast in this ceramic bowl adorned with a clever Halloween pun. Try dumping in your favorite Halloween-themed cereal for haunted breakfasts all season long.



Bleeding Zombie Bowl

Add this gruesome zombie bowl to your Halloween list ASAP. It even comes with a strap, making it a perfect tote if you’re on the go this Halloween.



Glass Pumpkin Jar

Anchor Hocking 

This pretty glass pumpkin jar can double as a stylish centerpiece for fall meals. Boasting a 70-ounce capacity, you can store all kinds of goods in this festive jar.



Skeleton Hand Bowl

Spruce up your Halloween décor game with this eerie bowl supported by a skeleton hand. Get creative when the candy runs out and try displaying plants, pens, flowers, and more!

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