Halloween “Advent” Calendars Are a Thing: Here are 13 of Them to Help You Count Down

Halloween “Advent” Calendars Are a Thing: Here are 13 of Them to Help You Count Down

Halloween Advent Calendar Well, “Advent” calendars are making a move on Halloween, and we are here for it. Check out this list of 13 fun Halloween “Advent” calendars – okay fine, countdown calendars – to help you celebrate the days leading up to October 31st, from budget-friendly cardboard calendars like the Christmas ones we had as kids, to custom handmade, one-of-a-kind haunted mansions.

1. Haunted House Countdown Calendar

Open a little cardboard window each day of October to reveal a fun picture and Halloween-themed joke or riddle. If you look on Amazon, there’s a whole assortment of different designs to choose from.

Find on Amazon.

2. Halloween Town Countdown Calendar and Game

This calendar is similar to the last one, but adds a treasure hunt game. Each day’s cardboard window hides a clue to help you find the next day’s window. This one is better for slightly older children who will enjoy the extra fun of puzzling out the clues.

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3. Happy Halloween Countdown Wall Hanging

This fabric wall hanging has 31 pockets you can fill with candies or other small treats. There’s also a little wooden owl hanging from the dowel that kids can place in each day’s pocket to count down the days to Halloween.

Find on Amazon.

4. Halloween House Calendar from Byer’s Choice

Little doors on this reusable countdown calendar open to reveal a small compartment you can hide a small candy or treat inside. ($85)

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5. Felt Ornament Halloween Countdown Calendar

This felt wall hanging comes with 30 reusable felt decorations that kids can velcro onto the calendar. Create a spooky Halloween scene, one decoration per day.

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6. Card Stock Halloween Countdown Calendar

Etsy artisan Cyndi Frakes of CubbyBearCrafts hand makes Halloween countdown calendars from paper and card stock. This one covers October 7-31 with 25 cubbies (2″ x 2″ x 2″) to add your own treats to. Decorated with a cute, fabric-wrapped ghost on top. She also makes a Nightmare Before Christmas themed calendar in the same style.

Find on Etsy.

7. Felt Halloween Countdown Calendar

This adorable Halloween felt wall decoration is actually a countdown calendar in disguise! Etsy artisan Angela Dunne from FeltFunByDunne sends the house and 31 handmade 3-dimensional ornaments. Add a ghost, cat, owl, pumpkin, spider web, or tombstone each day to create your own haunted house scene. Each ornament is numbered on the back.

Find on Etsy.

8. 31-Day Wooden Halloween Countdown Calendar

This handmade Halloween countdown calendar has 31 generously-sized drawers you can put candies, mini chocolate bars, or other treats and trinkets in. Each drawer is decorated with a 3-dimensional Halloween-themed cut-out, and the whole thing can be painted or personalized by Etsy artisan Simon from NearKissStudio.

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9. Halloween “Owls on Watch” Quilted Countdown Calendar

This quilted hanging Halloween calendar is handmade by Etsy artisan Cathy Nelson at craftncathy. It boasts friendly owls perched on the roof and 13 appliqued number pockets to hide your own candy or trinkets in.

Find on Etsy.

10. Halloween Countdown Tree for Mini Bottles

For grown-ups only! LittleFlowerPotShop‘s Michael Stanislawczyk makes these spooky trees from MDF. Each holds 13 mini liquor bottles (50 ml) so you can count down to Halloween with your favourite booze.

Find on Etsy.

11. Personalized Halloween Countdown Wall Hanging

This countdown calendar has 30 felt pockets for treats and a surprise behind the door for October 31st. You can also personalize it with your child or family’s name! – $50

Find on Personalized Planet.

12. Darren Gygi Halloween Art Advent Calendar

No drawers here. This is a gallery-wrapped giclee magnet board displaying fall and Halloween-themed art by Darren Gygi. Starting from October 8, you can count down to Halloween with the included jack o’lantern magnet.

Find on Sullivans.

13. Handcrafted Victorian Spooky Mansion Countdown Calendar

Etsy artisan Halloweenadventhouse has created the ultimate Halloween Advent calendar! Coming in at over 3 feet tall and 26 pounds (and an eye-popping $1400 price tag!), this handcrafted haunted house is simply an incredible work of art packed full of stunning details, including 3D printed railings and door knobs, windows that light up showing original art work inside, hand painted and stained shutters, and a personalizable LED-lighted sign arching over the whole thing saying “Happy Halloween” or “Trick or Treat”.

This particular piece has been sold, but keep an eye on this shop next year for another incredible one-of-a-kind Halloween Advent House!

And hey, if you’re crafty, there’s still time to make your own Halloween countdown calendar!

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