Good Night Beautiful Quotes

Good night beautiful world, to the beautiful creatures and the beautiful people in it.
If you ever feel like saying good night beautiful person to the one that you love, then you should do so.
There is nothing wrong with that.
There are so many ways you can say good night beautiful to everyone that you think is truly beautiful both inside and out.
Here are some good night beautiful quotes that should help you out.

I promise that you are always going to be the last person I think of, good night beautiful.

If you can make someone happy by the end of the day then that is truly something to be happy.

It is a gift to be able to sleep so soundly at night, that should be saying something about you.


When you are able to sleep with someone inside of your heart, life feels a whole lot better.

The best thing in the world is falling asleep with the person you love most in your life.

Good night beautiful, may you have the most pleasant of dreams on this night as well.

Next thing to you, is the place I want to be in, the best place is right under your arms.

Just think of this before you sleep: tomorrow there are so many possibilities to come.

Every day there will be some new opportunity for you to make things better so go take them.

One day you will never have to say goodbye to me anymore and just say goodnight.

You are always the very first that I think about when I wake up and good night beautiful!

Go to bed with a smile on your face and you will be happy when you wake up next morning.

What you should do is to sleep after a hard day work and just let your body rest up real good.

Step up some and just have a happy life, you deserve something better for tomorrow.

Take this life as adventure you are meant to live and you will become the best place you can.

Good night beautiful person always remember to pray and thank God for all the blessings.

In moments when I thought things are gonna be a disaster, I just sleep it off until its better.


When the day is over I just hope to come home to you, to your loving arms as I fall asleep.

Sleep tight tonight and now that I shall be dreaming of you good night beautiful!

Today is now gone so I hope that you will be able to open your eyes up again the next one.

Go ahead and embrace the feeling of love in your heart and may you fall asleep easily.

When you are in love, it can be hard to sleep coz you want to talk all night long.

You are certainly beautiful and I wanted to tell you that before you finally fall asleep.

When tomorrow comes, I wish that a smile would be plastered upon your lovely face then.

There are people who can tell me good night beautiful but they will never be you.

Let go of things that makes you feel miserable and start thinking of beautiful ones.

What you need to do is to remind yourself each day that you will be just fine, my love.

What a lovely face you have and a matching personality as well, do enjoy this day too.


Tonight, all the world is waiting for you to let your voice out and make sure you feel okay.

Nothing beats you telling me to have a good night beautiful, you are certainly the best.

You make me feel like I am floating, pretty lady, I wish you a beautiful night in exchange.

The stars would not be able to shine if they are not in the dark just like you are now.

I know you are also going through a hard time but I wish you’d be okay, calm down now.

The thing is that I always have you in my dreams, must be coz I am always thinking of you.

Good night beautiful, I shall fall asleep in your loving arms and be truly grateful.

You should be sleeping next to me tonight, if only you are not so far away right now.

I miss sleeping next to you and waking up to the sound of your lovely voice, my baby.

Sleep well tonight, I will turn off the internet so you can actually do that and be healthier.

You need to forget a bit about all your problems and troubles so here is some sleep for you.

What you need to do is to tell yourself to sleep so that you can just get out of here for some.

You are one of the reasons why I have a wonderful day every single day good night beautiful!

There are moments when you think of nothing but escape, how about sleeping it off instead?

I think the world is a wonderful place but then again that must be coz you are next to me now.

I am truly grateful for moments like this when I get to spend the night together with you.

I love smelling the sheets you just woke up from, inhaling your smell and falling asleep to it.

There is nothing that can be better than feeling you in my arms, wrapped up in my embrace.

Good night beautiful, always be the reason why I should smile, I hope you will be that.

And still, there are times when I wish you would tell me just what you want in this night.

Tell me your secrets as I start to tell you mine, share with me all the love you have inside.

In the dark where we do not see each other, I can feel your love clearer, that is the truth.

You become my inspiration as you tell me to have a good day the next one as I fall asleep.

There are so many reasons why I should tell you to have fun but good night beautiful!

Tomorrow I bet you will be having another step forward and closer to your dreams too.

You should make something better in your life for tonight so you can have fun tomorrow.

The future is so close to you, now close your eyes and fall asleep and just enjoy the night.

Try to surround yourself with things that will allow you to move forward, every single day.

Good night beautiful, I am always here for you so keep that in your mind now.

I think the night is the time to reflect about life, to make sure that you do the right things.

Be on track by always thinking about the things that you should be doing indeed my dear.

In life, you only need to realize what you need in order to achieve it so try doing that.

Be more focused on what you want for tomorrow instead of past mistakes you had done.

May you dream of wonderful things for this day and have a really good night beautiful!

Good night beautiful, go and have real things and amazing wonders in your dreams.

I think letting the past go is one of the first steps if you want to create great dreams too.

Fill up your world with so much happiness that no one can ever steal it from you.

Go ahead, let your mind wonder on the beauty that is life and remember what you want.

Be determined and sleep on it so you can wake up and start doing great things in life.

At the end of the day what you need is to make sure that you have a good night beautiful!

Do not go to sleep when you are angry, it will only give you nightmares, be happy then.

Sleep knowing that you are safe in your bed with me beside you, I shall protect you, love.

There are others who do not have beds to sleep on so be thankful that you do tonight.

The only way that you can be a success tomorrow is to have a wonderful night, my dear.

Good night beautiful, let this night be an opportunity to start dreaming big dreams now.

Enjoy the night away and remember that the best things happen to the best people too.

The day is long but I hope you had made a step closer to a better tomorrow indeed.

Forget the path to take in order to have a wonderful day that you truly deserve, my dear.

And in the end, what matters the most is that you will be okay, remember that, have faith.

You have to believe that you can do great things good night beautiful, dream great things.

Believe that you can do things as long as you remained focused and you actually will.

The sacrifices that you made today are all part of the better days that are gonna come to you.

May you think about the love that is in there inside of you, that you may be a better person.

As you close your eyes on this night, try and visualize the future that you want to achieve.

Love every bit of yourself and you will be fine, believe that you can do things tonight.

You are one of those people who love nice things in this life and have a good night beautiful.

Just seeing that you are not fitting in should make you proud of yourself, you know that?

Not everyone is going to be with you but there will be a few who’ll stay, do not forget them.

As you turn in for the night, remember the beautiful things there are in the world, now.

If you want to get anywhere, remember why you started things out in the first place.

Being responsible for your actions means you are growing up, keep on doing just that.

Everything that you do reflects to you, so do good so you can sleep soundly for the night.

There are better things waiting for you out there if you dedicate yourself to it, enjoy tonight.

Just remember that in order to have a wonderful night, you must enjoy your day first.

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