The sun has decided to wake you up and the first thing you reach for is your phone because you remembered someone. Spruce up that message you were planning to send to him or to her by adding up some pictures to it.

Sometimes, a little bit of a surprise brings about great things in the long run so why not try it out and see what happens when you try something new for the one that you like the most. What better way to greet the person who is important to you, whom you have deemed so special that he or she is the first one you text or chat first thing when you wake up than to send some good morning memes that are sure to make him or her happy.

Here are some good morning memes that might just be able to help you out with that.


Good morning!


Be grateful for the Good morning!


Good morning! Just woke up!

Good morning and be happy!


Just wanted to say Good morning, but if you don't say it back "I ain't mad at cha"

Good morning to you!


Hello hello Good morning!


Good morning my love!


Gooooood morning!


Hold up boo boo, you not gon' say Good morning to me?


Good morning! Yes!


Good morning! May the odds be ever in your favor!


Good morning, how did you sleep? Don't lie to me, I was watching you.


Good morning!


Good morning bitchessssss



Good morning darling, I've trust you've slept well.


Have a Good morning!


Good morning team!


Goooood morning!


Be fab and have a Good morning!


Good morning! My sleep was nice!


Yeah, today's going to be a great day. Good morning y'all


Had a good night sleep and have a Good morning!


Good morning sunshine!


Do you understand the words that are coming out my mouth? I said, "Good morning!"


Good morning!


I know you see all this sexiness, don't just stare... say Good morning!


You there! Good morning!


Good morning! Lovely day isn't it? Terribly sorry, must dash Toodle-Pip!


Good morning!!! Now put it in your mouth


You get a Good morning! You get a Good morning! You get a Good morning! Everyone gets a good morning!

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