Go with the flow quotes

There are certain circumstances when you just have to go with the flow.
You see, when you go with the flow, you risk everything, but you also get to have something in return.
The moment that you decide to just go with the flow instead of going against the current changes everything.
It is because by choosing to go with the flow, you risk your individuality because you let the things around you dictate what you plan to do.
Here are some go with the flow quotes to help you get a better picture of things as well.

 When you feel that it is the best option that you got then you just go with the flow, it is okay.

 If you feel that you can no longer live without it, then you have to fight for it no matter what.

 The moment you leave and they do not chase you, then keep your head high and walk away.

 It is the river that helps the water to flow and if that is how you live, be the very current then.

 You do not always get what you want so you go against the flow to get that very thing now.

 You should not even opt to go with the flow when your opinions are being voiced back out.

 When you keep on agreeing with what people say, you lose your voice, you become smaller.

 Do not be willing to be swayed and make your stand because you matter, you always have.

 Maybe it is time to stop being the follower and finally be the one people ought to follow then.

 Nothing ever stays the same and then you can be assured that nothing would abide so go.

 Even a dead creature can opt to go with the flow, you are alive, show them that you are.

 Weird and unexpected things may happen on the flow, be prepared to do just that even then.

 If you stick to the same tasks, you ought to just end up to where you have always been in too.

 Maybe it is time to let things go back to their natural state, so for now, go forward as well.

 The future is here so you have to tread wisely and make sure to not just go with that flow.

 There are times when it is okay to go with the flow but also times when it is not advisable.

 You are no longer at the bank, you are away from it, you have to make the right choice too.

 Well, the boat is yours to control, either go with what your heart tells you or forget it well.

 The moment you stop resisting the current can be the right one or absolutely wrong too.

 You should find the harmony inside of you and find the things that makes life more magical.

 You see when you always just go with the flow, you never get the things you really wanted.

 The fire inside of you, do not let that go cold and fight for the things you truly believe in now.

 There is nothing that you can do in life than to just hold on and believe that you can be more.

 Sometimes, life brings you changes you never expect and you must own up to those things.

 We are constantly being grilled by the things around us and so we must fight back by now.

 I grew up following people around to the point I no longer knew who I am, now I fought back.

 You are willing to go with the flow and maybe that is your flaw, you are like water, molded.

 I was not the person I was before, I believe in myself now, I know I can do better than this too.

 There comes a time when you realize it is time to stop following the flow of life, to go forward.

 No doubt that I should expect anything else, I believe that I can do more if I let myself now.

 Life has been easier when I let myself be me and then follow the path I once took, really now.

 I know that I am supposed to find myself along the way but I guess I lost me for following.

 It does not matter where you have come from when you go with the flow, where you end up is.

 Making that ripple in the river with the fast current is not as easy as it may sound to others.

 I tried my best to make an impact, a splash rather than a ripple and hope that it is enough.

 For now, I just want to believe that there is more to life than knowing what there has been.

 Truly it is something to know the difference between right and what is wrong, stand up for it.

 What you want to do is free of me but I told you what I had been in, the memory of the past.

 My wish for you is that you do not just go with the flow but rather you should be the very flow.

 Do not let yourself get pushed around when you know you can do a lot better than this now.

 Never let fear get a hold of you because you are much better than what you think you are.

 The things that you thought you can’t do are the very things you should prove that you can.

 The rush of the action and the flow of things should make your senses open wide, scream out.

 May you let your mind to just stay free and accept that you can still be the best you can be.

 When you choose to go with the flow then you can’t blame people for the weird things along.

 The ultimate goal in life is to find yourself while you are trying to balance out your life then.

 You have to manage your life, how you want to do things and when to make things happen.

 Stay true to yourself & no one else would be able to just push you around without permission.

 The most successful type of person is the one who knows what he wants and how to get there.

 You need not be exceptional at everything, you just need to excel at something, make it work.

 You should not just go with the flow but rather know where you are going to end up in, dear.

 The person who wins in this life is not the strongest but the one with the most skill to offer.

 Be smart with your words and your actions and you will carve a path to the right way to it.

 Your dreams should be your very aspiration to keep on pushing yourself to your goals too.

 The one who knows how to adapt to any situation given should be the one to make the splash.

 There is nothing wrong with go with the flow but you have to think about it thoroughly too.

 I can feel things vibrating, I can feel people having so much fun and so I try my best to do it.

 There is so much going on here that I can barely hold on but I know that I need to so I do that.

 The flow is powerful but you are better than this, you can go opposite of this current as well.

 First and foremost, it must be your choice, you must pick this path and be happy with it too.

 Everything you see in this place has a purpose, you need to find yours along the way then.

 When you go with the flow, it is not just a matter of being but a matter of becoming, know it.

 Go with the flow of life, that everything you have now will pass so work harder than ever.

 Think less now and just let the flow of life come to you and let it blow you away to places.

 Maybe the moment you stop resisting your fate is the moment you realize your destiny now.

 It is better not to have too many expectations of yourself so that you do not get hurt at all.

 By this time, I totally believe people who tells me that loving someone is really hard as well.

 If anything else go with the flow maybe you should consider doing just the same by now.

 The truth is that I tried and yet it did not matter so much, I can only do what I can do.

 No matter what happens, you have to believe that you can and then everything works out.

 If you cannot control the current, then maybe you should not fight it out, be your own self.

 You need to avoid doing things you know you are going to regret later on in this life, dear.

 Even then, it was against my will to go with the flow for I know I can have better things too.

 For there is so much you can do with your life, maybe this time you just have to let it happen.

 Never should you back down when you know you are going to be regretting it if you do so.

 Do not be anxious because there are better things that are going to come for you later on.

 You will never grow if you keep going with the flow, rush against it, go opposite of it now.

 You see, when you start to go with the flow, you lose your individuality, you lose yourself.

 I know how much you wished things to be different but you see, eventually it will fall there.

 Things will go into their rightful place the moment you decide to just let go and let it happen.

 For there are moments when I sit back and think of the past and realize the future is better.

 Be in this moment, decide now or else nothing you try will ever work, be the best you can be.

 Do not stand at the edge of the cliff when you can be safer to just jump off it and do it now.

 What matters now is that you forget everything when you go with the flow, go against it.

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