Girl on Girl Memes

There is nothing wrong with being a gay, or a lesbian or whatever, there have been a lot of sites that even promotes it. Just because someone is not on the same gender or lifestyle as you do does not make him all that different. Some prefer someone else as their companion and it is your responsibility to actually respect that and have respect for the person of the mission.

Here are some girl on girl memes that might help you out to accept what that is and to promote gender freedom and equality. The world is no longer divided into women and men, there are so much more that we can do to stop any discrimination against those that like people of the same gender as they are.

Here are some memes to prove just that and to make people accept those that LGBTQ members are also human and they need love as well.


I don't have any angles, I do have curves


Damn it feels good to be a best girl

White girls who listen to gangster rap on their way to Starbucks


This isn't a meme I just like looking at her boobs

I'd tap that if those drunk girls would move!


When a lesbian tells me she used to have sex with guys... We've all done things that we're not proud of.


My question here is What the hell is that guy looking at?


Give me your big, hot load of laundry from the dryer. I'll fold it for you.


Waiting for something?


One day, long, long ago, there lived a woman who did not whine, nag or bitch. But it was a long time ago, and it was just one day. - The End.-


When a straight girl says she has a "girl crush" on someone: Just say it's a crush.


When your eyes meet from across the temple


When your girl getting on your nerves and yo tell her "imma bout to choke the shit outta you"


The real reason why I go to the gym.


Here's what you do when you ask your girl to hold your drink and she says her hands are full!


Sorry for the typo, hope this makes up for it.


Nothing quite as sexy as posing in front of an open toilet.


Come to think of it, I wouldn't probably last about 14 seconds too


I am offended, remove the flag slowly.


This girl is on fiiiire


Bitch get off your knees, its only a Honda


Girl, I'll turn that bun into a ponytail.


Thus text.. You're not even reading it.


She wouldn't have to ask twice!


Hope that maybe she not only interested in Italian plumbers


Get a girl who can do both


wants boobs


OMG! If those eyes are real, marry me!


The perks of sitting in the back of the class


Oh my gosh, those plants really need to be watered!



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