Ginger is this yellow shrub that you will know by the smell and it is used for a lot of delicious dishes. It is an herb that has a lot of benefits to the body, a tea can also be made from it at that point. There is something about ginger that makes life so much more interesting indeed.


On the other hand, ginger is also what people call the red headed people of the world. There is no relative comparison as to why but maybe because there are some orangey ginger in color.

When you feel like cracking up a joke or just trying out to be humorous to your friends and make them laugh or at the very least smile, here are some ginger memes that you can definitely use to make that happen. Try them out and see for yourself if it makes any difference in your life to use them.


Watch your soul, I still need to earn my freckles...


Ginger lives matter

They said I have no soul, so I ate their hearts


The only ginger with friends

Everyone: Is your hair naturally red? Me: No, I soak my hair every night in the blood of my enemies.


Endangered species: The Ginger Asian


Oh my ginger helmet? It protects my virginity.


Myth: Gingers don't have souls. Fact: Gingers earn a freckle for every soul they steal.


Harry Potter is so unrealistic.... I mean, a ginger with two friends.


I've got 99 problems but a soul ain't one


I'm not blushing, you're just so hot that my face got sunburned


Ginger kids... because the white race needed a flaw.


Plays Spice girls... always Ginger Spice


Claims to be human is Ginger


Proof that satan is a ginger.. Need I say it more clearly?


One of the worst things about being a ginger is everyone knows who's pubes are on the soap.


He should eat some soul food




All your souls are belong to us


Say ginger one more time motherfucker


Tag someone who is a ginger


Asks out cute girl, she only dates people


You like cooking? Add a little ginger, if you know what I mean.


They called me Gingerbread. I called them an ambulance


Mmm chocolate covered your heart


Don't make me mad or I will ginger snap


Gingers: Born into the 1%, whether they like it or not.


Fights in the Korean war.. Seoul is destroyed.


Skin so bright, can't even look at own reflection for a selfie.


Tried to sell soul to devil, insufficient funds


Caught underage drinking Ginger ale


Get ready, National Kick a Ginger


This shit is not funny

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