Gal Gadot Boyfriend

gal gadot boyfriend

gal gadot boyfriend

Gal Gadot Boyfriend: The whole world fell in love with Gal Gadot as soon as Wonder Woman came out . But one person saw her long before her impressive success – her husband, Israeli businessman Yaron Versano.

Gal Gadot Boyfriend

They have been together for over ten years! We met through mutual friends at one of the parties. Gal says: I realized that he was the one, not right away: “I was too young. But he understood! He is 10 years older than me. On the second date, he told me that he was serious, and in two years he plans to propose to me. And so it happened. We got married in 2008 ”.

Gal Gadot Boyfriend

Gal and Yaron are raising two beautiful daughters: five-year-old Alma and three-month-old Maya. Gal, by the way, starred in some scenes of “Wonder Woman” already in her fifth month of pregnancy!

And here are the coolest joint photos of Gal and Yaron.

Gal Gadot Boyfriend


She is from a rare breed of women that everyone falls in love with, even rivals. Israeli-born Hollywood actress Gal Gadot is a unique phenomenon, and this is especially noticeable in the glamorous scenery of Beverly Hills, where sincerity, spontaneity and love of life are a novelty. She became a star relatively recently, and thanks for this is the adaptation of the Superwoman comics. However, earlier in her life there was a sensational “Fast and the Furious”. How an Israeli lawyer became a new symbol of beauty and sexuality – in an interview.

– Gal, good afternoon! Thank you for taking the time to talk. I know you really don’t have much of it – filming, family. By the way, how do you combine it all? Two children and world fame – on fragile shoulders …

– To say that I am not changing at all would be untrue. Hello! Well (sighs) … At first it was really difficult, I will not hide it. You will never be fully prepared for what begins when you become a parent. And with a child in your life there is simply a huge, gigantic responsibility, which is sometimes unbearable to bear. And yes, no one told me about the feeling of guilt that arises almost at the same time with the feeling of love for your child. I try desperately to do my best for my daughters, but every time I understand that I could do more, and more, and more …

I know for sure that children are my priority, but in order to give them everything, I must be happy. And this means that mommy will sometimes go to work. The big plus of being an actress is that after three months of filming, I can take myself a half-year break, for example, and thus compensate for my long absence. When I choose a role, I always think about how the girls will look at me in character when they grow up, what they will say, whether they will be proud. It’s also a great way to show them that you can combine what you love to do with family and parenting.

– Gold words. So what’s your secret? Where does the strength, energy, desire come from?

– I just learned to prioritize. And not without my spouse, who is very, very supportive of me. Thanks to Yaron, I can do everything.

– Do you bring up children in Israel?

– We live there, but we travel a lot, as you understand. Girls are always with me. My husband travels here and there all the time, but I can’t say that we are often separated. Alma and Maya are very sociable, they are bilingual, they understand two languages ​​- Hebrew and English, they speak both. In general, this is a great experience for our family – we visit different countries, get acquainted with new cultures and traditions.

Gal Gadot Boyfriend

– You mentioned that your choice of role is influenced by the possible reaction of your children in the future …

– The way it is. But I was lucky: when I started my career, I had no children, and I agreed to any offers. They asked me: “Gal, what genres do you prefer? Where would you like to film? ” And I answered that I was always open, I am a person without prejudices. But now, when I need to think not only about myself, I realized that I want to show the strong side of a woman. I didn’t want to play those obvious, recognizable female images that we most often see in Hollywood – those princesses, heartbroken, helpless, waiting for the right guy to save her. I wanted to play someone else. And did I know that I would soon be filming Wonder Woman! Fate is, of course, a strange thing.

– You know, this role is important not only for your daughters, but also for women around the world. This is the first superhero film directed by a woman in the past ten years. Now you have become something of a symbol of feminism in cinematography – or cinematography in feminism, whatever.

– When I was approved for this role, I was so excited! I got a unique chance to inspire people. Of course, by and large, I’m not in business here, all thanks to the image of the Wonder Woman herself, thanks to the demonstration of her principles and attitudes. It was a huge responsibility. But the film was made by the perfect team, so we did it.

– And how! And this is not your first victory. You were a successful model, became Miss Israel, participated in the Miss Universe pageant. Does the profession of an actress bring you more satisfaction?

– In acting, I immediately felt like a fish in water. Not that I’m perfect, no. It just became immediately clear: this is what I want to do in the near future. But in the fashion industry I didn’t feel my influence on the process, you know? That is, you are only a function, you do not take part either in the creation of a collection or in organizing shows, you just go out and demonstrate someone else’s talent. And as an actress, I can become a part of creativity! When you play a character, you become one, let it pass through yourself, interpret, think about the intricacies of his character, add something from yourself.

Gal Gadot Boyfriend

– That is, you do not regret at all that you parted with the modeling business?

– Frankly, I have not parted with him completely – from time to time I act as a model. I like the process of playing, reincarnation. I can say that these two areas of my life have a lot in common. Both in the cinema and in the fashion world, people are creative, inspired by what they do, they have a trained eye, and they try to tell a story through the lens of the camera.

– How did you get into the model, and then into the actress?

– Thanks to the Miss Israel contest you mentioned. It was in 2014. But my first visit did not last long, my career was interrupted by the army, where I served for two years. After that, I didn’t even think about the past, I entered the school of law and international relations. And everything went great until I got a call with a request to come to the casting for the role of the Bond girl. Can you imagine? I then flatly refused, I told my agent (he sometimes offered some part-time jobs as a model): “Look, everything is in English, and I’m not an actress at all. No, I will not go”. He then thought I was joking.

– Why?

– Well, who refuses casting for the role of the legendary Bond girl? On the day of the audition, the agent called me shouting: “Where are you?” I replied that I was studying. “I said I’m not going.” He was very upset and literally forced me to come, saying that it must be done just out of respect. But I didn’t study the script, I didn’t prepare. This is what I said to the director. She apologized and honestly admitted that she did not plan to participate in the casting. And she added again that I am not an actress. “I’ll be here for another four hours. Run through the script, ”was the answer. Two hours later, I returned to the room. (Smiles.) Then I had another selection, then another and another. And day after day, I realized that what I was doing now was much more interesting than going to law school. In the end, I didn’t get the role, but asked my agent to keep me posted. I was really intrigued. A month later, I was already filming an Israeli TV series. And two months later I was called to “Fast and Furious”. The rest has already become history.

– And you ended up dropping out of law school?

– Yes, I never got my degree. She studied for only one year. (Laughs.)

– Do you have any plans to return to school?

– I constantly think about it, but so far my schedule does not allow it. Do you remember the right priorities? In fact, now I would be interested to study not jurisprudence, but art or the history of cinema. I am not a lawyer at all, far from this, because I do not like conflicts. Of course, after the army, I began to study, but now I do not regret my choice. I hope I will not sound stupid or naive if I say that if you are kind and open to the world and people, then something good happens to you sooner or later. In the end, the Universe makes you understand: “You don’t need to be here, you have to do something else.” That’s about what happened to me.

Gal Gadot Boyfriend

– You said you don’t like conflict. But everyone knows how finicky fans of superhero films are. They are very hard to please when it comes to adapting their favorite comics. How do you feel about criticism of your game?

“Whatever you do, you cannot please everyone and everyone, right? People will always have something to say, that’s our nature. And everything is all right. It’s just my job, my career, my art. Whatever I do, I take it very seriously, with full dedication, trying my best. And I know some people like it. As for the rest … I repeat: this is the nature of people, and I accept it.

“You said you served in the Israeli army. Was that experience useful to you on set?

– Oh, definitely! But we must thank not only the army: I generally had a very athletic childhood. My mom is a gymnastics teacher, and that says it all. I never watched TV until I was an adult – games and activities were always more important, especially when it came to sports. I have also been dancing for twelve years. There was also tennis, basketball, volleyball. She was a kind of tomboy, and also very good and obedient – apparently, all my aggression went into games. And so the rest of the time I was relaxed and focused on my studies. I want to raise my daughter in the same way. At least I won’t have to sit in front of a computer or set-top box.

“You have something of military discipline in you, right?

– Yes. But I don’t see anything wrong with that. Of course, I hope armies are never needed, and yet you need to be realistic. I am glad that I served for two years, in Israel, as you know, this is a must. It fosters that very inner discipline in you, instills the right values, teaches humility and acceptance of the situation. Indeed, in fact, for two whole years you cannot do what you want – go where you want, eat what you want, sleep when you want. Of course not easy. But this experience made me a more responsible and mature person.

– Is that why you gave up riding a motorcycle?

– It was here that I became a mother. Never again!

– Are you so categorical?

– Absolutely. Now I think not only for myself and not only about myself.

– Are you a confident person?

– Yes, more than. Will explain. I’m like a horse in blinders – I don’t look around, I see only my path, my path. I do not evaluate what my colleagues have, what my friends do, I do not compare myself with anyone. When you are focused on your goals, then you are sure that whatever needs to happen will happen. I adhere to a simple philosophy: yours will always be yours, someone else’s will leave you, no matter how you hold them back. Therefore, yes, I am a confident person. But, of course, there are moments of doubt and anxiety.

– Does the spouse give reasons?

– Oh no! Yaron is one hundred percent my person, and in my coordinate system, close people support, and do not provoke you into jealousy or something like that.

Gal Gadot Boyfriend


“You’ve been together for thirteen years. Has your popularity affected your relationship?

– More likely no than yes. Unless we have an additional reason to joke that his wife is Superwoman. (Laughs) And we started to part a little more often, but in general, we were still as close as before.

– Is he a romantic?

– Realist. True, at first it seemed to me that he was a dreamer. Yaron immediately after our first meeting said that I would be his wife. Before we get married, we meet for two years, then we get married and live happily ever after. Then I thought, “What a strange weirdo!” This is my reality now. (Smiles.)

– Is it important for you to be strong always? Or does Superwoman sometimes want to lie on the couch?

– Definitely wants, how! I love to wallow and watch cooking shows. By the way, I cook well. I am especially good at unhealthy American food – cheeseburgers, French fries. And more mayonnaise with ketchup!

– And how do you shed those calories?

– I prefer kickboxing. Excellent load and gorgeous relaxation for the mind and body.

– For a million fans, you are ideal. And who is the ideal for you?

– I’m glad to say that this is my mom. She gave me and my sister a really good inner trust in this world, a feeling of security and love, instilled in us the necessary ability to believe in ourselves and follow our dreams. If I was asked what one main quality I would choose for my life, I would say an unshakable faith in myself. So my mom gave me a great start. And it’s also very nice when she brags about you to her friends. It’s worth all my exhausting everyday life!

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