Gal Gadot As Cleopatra – Actress Got Much Hate & Criticism

Not everyone liked the news that the actress Gal Gadot As Cleopatra will play the Queen of Egypt in a biopic from Paramount Pictures.

Gal Gadot As Cleopatra: She Was Bullied For The Role 

Gal Gadot As Cleopatra


Gal Gadot As Cleopatra

“Gal Gadot will play Cleopatra in the upcoming film of the same name,” reports Variety. Patty Jenkins, with whom the actress worked on the superhero film “Wonder Woman” and the sequel “Wonder Woman: 1984″, will take the director’s chair.

The production of the film will be handled by Paramount Pictures, which in the fight for the rights to the film bypassed Netflix, Apple, Warner Bros. and Universal. The script will be written by Laeta Kalogridis (Isle of the Damned). Other details of the painting were not disclosed. ”

Of course, there was an immediate reaction. As usual, opinions were divided, there were those who fully approved and those who did not approve at all. They, in turn, were also divided into cells, branches, groups ?? … In general, they were divided :))

– Most of the dissatisfied are dissatisfied with the fact that a black actress and / or African woman was not chosen for the role of Cleopatra. The comments were different, from mildly neutral (“Cleopatra is one of the few iconic African figures that could have played an African”) to hard ones like “White can’t make history again”. There were, of course, those unique ones who wished Gal almost death. But, I hope there are only a few.

– some are unhappy with the fact that Cleopatra will be played by a Jew, and not an actress of Arab origin. By the way, I first learned about the actress Nadine Njim. Beautiful, by the way. Will she be allowed to film if there are explicit scenes?

Gal Gadot As Cleopatra

Those who defended Gadot’s choice for the role were given the following arguments:

Gal Gadot As Cleopatra

– Cleopatra is from the Ptolemaic dynasty, which means, probably of Greek origin, which means that Gal Gadot is purely outwardly suitable.

To which another subgroup appeared among the dissatisfied, who are already dissatisfied with the fact that the appropriation has taken place – an actress of Macedonian-Greek origin with modern Macedonian-Greek passport data should play Cleopatra, I believe.

Surprisingly, there are no comments about whether Gal is suitable for the level of acting, so far the Hollywars are limited only by the question of the actress’s origin …

I personally see only three ways out of the situation:

Exit 1.

Postpone filming until better times, there is still a risk that it will fail at the box office

Exit 2. 

Take as a basis the original African story, the kingdom of Nubia for example.

Exit 3.

Take on the role of Billy Porter. In the West, everyone’s reproach will fall off anything to present to him, the dude has a combo dossier!)))


“White people continue to cast white castes for the roles of Cleopatra and the ancient Egyptians, but they themselves whine when blacks play their Fantasy.”

However, everything was not limited to just Twitter. Instagram actresses also filled with thousands of disaffected.

Gal Gadot As Cleopatra
Gal Gadot As Cleopatra

The actress herself and the studio have so far decided to ignore the attacks and have not commented.

The dates of the start of filming and the release of the picture are currently unknown.


Gal Gadot As Cleopatra

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot will star in a historical film about the life of Cleopatra. Patty Jenkins will take the director’s chair and direct the film from a script by Laeta Kalogridis ( Isle of the Damned ). The tape will be released by Paramount studio, which received the rights to the project during the auction, ahead of Universal, Warner Bros, Netflix and Apple.

The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is one of the most popular antique characters in cinema and literature. She ruled Egypt for 21 years. First together with his brothers Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV, and then in de facto marriage with the Roman commander Mark Antony. The last independent ruler of Egypt before the Roman conquest, Cleopatra gained wide popularity thanks to her love affair with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

In addition to the Paramount project, Sony has been working on the adaptation of the biography “Cleopatra: Life” by Stacey Schiff for several years. The script of the film was rewritten several times, and among the candidates for the director’s chair were James Cameron , Denis Villeneuve and  David Fincher . According to Deadline sources, Sony is still planning to release the movie.

On December 24, viewers will be able to see Gal Gadot in the blockbuster “Wonder Woman: 1984” .

“Too white”: Gal Gadot accused of racism because of Cleopatra

Gal Gadot will once again star in Wonder Woman director Patti Jenkins as Cleopatra in her new film. Alas, it was not without a scandal: while Gadot was happy with the triumph of women (the script for the picture will also be written by Laeta Kalogridis), Twitter users demanded to replace her with a dark-skinned one, despite the fact that the queen of Egypt was Greek.


Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has been accused of racism due to her role as Cleopatra in Patti Jenkins’ new film. According to Twitter users, the Israeli woman cannot play the queen of Egypt; it would be more correct to invite a black actress in her place. Here is just a small part of the hate that hit Gadot in the comments to the announcement:


Yesterday it became known that the queen of Egypt Cleopatra in the new film directed by Patty Jenkins will be played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot. The girls have already worked together on a film about “Wonder Woman”, after which Gadot woke up famous. It was not without battles under the post in which the actress announced her next role: she was cursed, offered to return to Israel as long as she could, and even accused of the fact that racism in the film industry is flourishing precisely because of her – Gal allegedly did not want to give up the role of an Egyptian black actress.

Here is just a small part of the hate that rained down on “Wonder Woman” in the comments: “We don’t need white people”; “We will not accept you! You are not of Arab blood, you can only play a slave ”; “Give up the role! We will not look at you in the image of the Queen of Egypt, damn you together with Israel! ”; “Don’t get involved in what doesn’t concern you, Jewess”; “Cleopatra was black! You have neither culture nor country. ”

Gal Gadot As Cleopatra
The more well-read subscribers Gal, after a good facepalm from reading thousands of comments with insults and racism, explained: Cleopatra belonged to the Ptolemaic dynasty and was a Greek and a descendant of Alexander the Great. It is difficult to say exactly how she looked, because photographs were invented a couple of thousand years later, but there is no reason to think that her skin was dark, and to complain that the role was not given to an Arab actress or African-American. Moreover, the choice of Gadot is reasonable not only in terms of similarities with Cleopatra, but also in terms of profit: it is unlikely that Paramount studio would want to take an unknown actress for a serious role instead of a girl from third place on the Forbes list . Especially after Elizabeth Taylor and Monica Bellucci played the queen (by the way, neither had such problems with fan fury as Gal did).

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