Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Funny Valentine's Gifts to Give If Laughter Is Their Love Language

Come Valentine’s Day, some people prefer to take the romantic approach with floral bouquets, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, and tear-inducing cards. Others (like you!) tend to focus on doing what they do best — being downright hilarious, obviously — by giving funny Valentine’s Day gifts instead. If your relationship with your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, or any other loved one is centered on all things weird, goofy, and pun-worthy, then browse through these silly gift ideas until you find something that they’ll love … and subsequently laugh at.

Even if you’re simply planning a Galentine’s Day party with your single friends, then consider buying your pals one of these gag gifts to instantly lift the mood in a way that’ll make Leslie Knope proud. Because a hearty belly laugh is the ultimate way to express love and affection on February 14 — or any day, according to you and your valentine.



Date Night Box Set

This three-in-one card game covers all the bases in a relationship — Talk, Flirt, and Dare — so that you and  your partner can tailor your next game night to fit your overall mood. Just pick a card, follow the prompt, and let the fun ensue.




Beer Greeting Card Box

Stick their favorite beer in this festive cardboard container and write out six ways you love them in the attached greeting card. If you prefer to keep things light, spell out your favorite inside jokes or funniest moments.

3“If You Can Read This…” Socks

Whatever their vice (think: ice cream, bacon, or wine), there’s a sock that spells out exactly what they need: their partner to deliver it to them, stat. So, if you’re planning on giving them a pair of  these socks, make sure you have a pint of ice cream on hand.



Love & Relationships Deck

Even if they’re not a fan of self-help books and Pinterest-worthy quotes, they’ll get a kick out of these grab-and-go affirmation cards full of inspirational mantras and advice to help navigate the highs and lows that happen in any relationship. At the very least, they’ll laugh at the silly cartoon drawings.



“I Love You from Top to Bottom” Toilet Paper

Surprise them bright and early by swapping their basic toilet paper for this holiday-appropriate option. They’ll feel the love from you … even if you’re still asleep in the other room.

6Vouchers for Lovers

Inside each pink booklet, there are 20 coupons that they can use whenever they please, including when you try to convince them to watch Cheer again — perfect time to pull the “Movie of Choice” coupon, don’t ya think?


7Exotic Jerky Bouquet

Because one household can only handle so many flower bouquets on Valentine’s Day. Give the carnivore in your life this bouquet of 20 jerky sticks in a variety of flowers, ranging from elk to hot venison, for a similar (but edible) effect.



“Life Would Succ Without You” Plant

Although the sentiment on this ceramic planter comes straight from the heart, any pun lover will appreciate that you committed to the joke, especially since it comes with an aloe plant. Pair it with a card that reads “Aloe you very much” to go the extra mile.



Best Friends Adult Coloring Book

Treat your BFF to some much-needed self-care by gifting her this adorable coloring book. Along with beautiful designs, all of the 50 pages come with LOL-worthy quotes like “I love you more than wine, and that’s a lot.”

10“And I Will Always Love You” Mug

Just saying “I love you” is sweet and all, but the lyrics to “And I Will Always Love You” pack a bigger punch on this glass mug, especially since it’s the first thing your partner will see in the morning.



Boys with Plants: 50 Boys and the Plants They Love

It goes without saying that your designated plant lady could stare at succulents and greens all day long. With this coffee table book, she’ll have even more eye candy, since it’s full of ultra-attractive guys casually posing with plants a.k.a. her dream.

12Chocolate Video Game Controller

The only thing that’ll take him away playing yet another game of Fortnite? A quick break to snack on this milk, dark, or white chocolate shaped just like his actual video game controller.

13Love Oracles

Spice up your Galentine’s hang by having everyone pick a card from this deck for instant inspiration on how they can up their relationship — romantic or otherwise — game, according to pop culture icons like George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, and Rihanna.

14Wooden Picture Frame

Okay, your relationship isn’t a contest … but if it was, you would clearly win. Show  your partner exactly how you feel with this tongue-in-cheek wooden frame, complete with your silliest 3×3″ snap.

15Me Without You

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day away from one another this year, send your loved one this sweet picture book. While some pages tug at the heartstrings, there are also hilarious, all-too-relatable moments sprinkled in.

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