Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts For Boyfriend

If your partner is more interested in finding the humor in life than dwelling on the serious stuff—or you’ve both decided to skip the mushy-gushy and over-expensive presents this Valentine’s Day—this curated selection of funny gift ideas is exactly where to look for inspiration. Or maybe, to get the best of both worlds, you’re the kind of couple who likes to give one silly gift and another, more serious, romantic gift on Valentine’s Day. If nothing else, one (or two) of these funny gifts will be the best pick-me-up for a partner who’s feeling a little overworked and under-appreciated (not by you, of course!).

Because laughter is always the best gift, there’s something for everyone here, from sarcasm and sass to self-deprecation and downright silliness. And you know there has to be at least one or two food puns thrown in for good measure, too. A “You’re So Lucky To Have Me” mug will remind them that they (obviously) scored big time in the love department by choosing you. Or make them crack up with a comical jab at your own sleeping patterns, thanks to a set of pillowcases pointing out your disproportionate sides of the bed.

There’s even something for treating yourself to a little self-love this year with a book of funny, non-cheesy, affirmations. And, for those not in a romantic relationship, there’s a handful of amusing gag gifts for Galentines, too (the “Mold the Perfect Man” cookie cutters will have your BFF giggling with every sweet bite). Read on for funny, light-hearted gift ideas for all your loved ones with a great sense of humor.

1. A wine condom to protect their wine from getting old. Don’t be silly, wrap your… wine bottle.

Promising review: “I bought these as a gag gift, but they work really well. They fit snug on the top of the bottle so if you accidentally knock a bottle over, it won’t spill!” —Desert Creatures

2. Subtle Butt gas neutralizers because even though you love almost everything about them, you could definitely do without their smelly toots.

Promising review: “My boyfriend lays the stinkiest farts so I got this for him as a gag gift. He tried it out on a car trip and I didn’t smell one single fart. It was amazing and hilarious! This little gag gift actually works. Now I don’t have to be trapped by his mustard gas on long car rides.”

3. A Smell My Nuts candle that has such an amazing banana bread, toasted coconut, and hazelnut scent, they’ll definitely want to jump on your ~wick.~

Promising review: “I bought this candle as a gift for my husband for Valentine’s Day. Let me just say that is was a huge hit! First of all, the name. I mean, come on, any company that can have that kind of humor with their products is the kind of company that I want to give my business to. But it’s not just a gimmick! This candle smells so incredibly amazing! You really don’t have to even burn it, just leave the lid off and the scent will fill the room. My husband put this in his ‘man cave’ and lit it. Within 20 minutes, I swear, you could smell it throughout the whole house! So this is a win/win situation for everyone because we both get to enjoy the pleasure of it’s yummy and amazing aroma!”

4. A booty mask that’ll use its plant-based formula to give them ~bootylicious~ vibes and make their bum super smooth.

These are available in four different varieties: Bite It (hydrating and toning), Shake It (firming and illuminating), Slap It (re-texturizing and detoxifying), and Squeeze It (brightening and rejuvenating) to give their booty the facial of their dreams!

5. Conversation heart bath bombs, because no one really likes the taste of those gross and chalky candies anyway. These come in three amazing fragrances and have *dirty* lil’ sayings that are sure to give them a good chuckle.

The hot pink is a raspberry scent, the light pink is a strawberry scent, and the purple is a lavender scent. You’ll get one of each flavor with randomly selected sayings. They’re made with natural, unrefined cocoa butter that’s not only super nourishing for your skin, but will also add a delicious hint of chocolate to each scent.

6. A salami bouquet to ~cure~ their V-Day blues with an assortment of delicious meats.

This bouquet includes eight ounces of Columbus peppered chub, sopressata chub, calabrese chub, chorizo chub, and Italian dry chub.

Promising review: “Got this for my fiancé for Valentine’s Day and he could not be happier (he is full Italian and his mother brings a suitcase full of salami when she comes to visit). However, he has loved every flavor and has gotten to the point of hiding them from me. Best present I’ve got him thus far (besides myself, duhhh).”

7. A floral penis mug so they can enjoy their favorite beverages alongside a beautiful display of blossoming weenies.

This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe!

8. A pair of socks with cute sayings, if you aren’t good at expressing your feelings in a gushy card.

Promising review (left pair): “I love when my socks make me smile or laugh and Blue Q seems to get it done all the time! Sometimes, it just takes the little things!”

9. A naughty cookie cutter that’ll create interestingly shaped sweet treats to get them in the mood.

Promising review: “Love it! A great quality cutter that made baking fun!” —E.B.

10. Funny but endearing toilet paper to show that you give a crap about them, even in the ~shittiest~ of times.

Promising review (left): “The packaging is great the quality of the print is great. The print is bright and readable! I had to be at work by 6:45 a.m. on Valentines Day for a 12 hour shift so my husband and I celebrated Friday night. But, I did put this roll on the holder before I left so he would have a good morning V-Day surprise. He thought it was funny and told all his friends.”

11. A love mop towel that’s designed specifically for after-sex cleanup. It’s made with premium cotton in a special double yarn weave to make it extra absorbent to make sure you’re prepared for whats ~coming.~

It’s also extra soft and fluffy, so you’re not irritating anything down there!

Promising review: “I have to say, I couldn’t be more pleased with the love mop! The packaging it arrives in is super-cute, which makes it a great gift. The towel itself is a really nice quality. It’s very soft, full, and a nice size (considering it’s intended usage). I love the embroidered logo. It’s hard to look at it and not smile. Oh, and speaking of usage, my boyfriend and I did give the love mop a ‘trial by fire,’ and it worked really well. Now my nice hand towels can be spared, lol. All in all, this is a great novelty gift that actually does the job, too. Couldn’t be happier.”

12. Goodhead oral gel to spice things up in the bedroom. Who knows, they may even ~blow~ you away like never before.

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