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Sure, you may have already gotten the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, but have you written your card yet? Before you go out and get roses and chocolates, make sure you get the most important gift of all: a sweet and special card that your partner will love opening. After all, this holiday is all about celebrating your significant other and the relationship you two share — there’s no better way to make your partner feel special than with a heartfelt card.

Instead of giving a generic, sappy greeting card that might earn some eye rolls, make your special someone chuckle this year with these funny Valentine’s Day cards that perfectly describe your relationship. Whether it’s a hilarious Valentine’s day meme or a witty Valentine’s Day pun, these picks speak honestly from the heart — and will definitely spread laughter along with the love this February 14. P.S., don’t worry if you haven’t figured out what to write inside your Valentine’s Day card, we’ve got you covered!

We Still Like Each Other

Because it’s definitely worth celebrating that you two still somehow like — and love — each other after all these years.

All You Need Is Love

Share this hilarious card with your loved one, before you both binge-watch The Office for the 1,000th time.

Tonight I Won’t Change Into PJs Until At Least 7 P.M.

The little things always make a difference, especially after years together. This includes not slipping into pajamas too early in the night, and making Valentine’s Day memorable from start to finish.

I’d Pick You Every Time

Sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded that your partner is the person you want to be with for the long haul — especially if that reminder comes in the form of a hilarious, punny message.

Partner in Crime

Sometimes a few words are enough to show your S.O. how much they mean to you. These candy hearts modernize the sweet treat.

Love You More Than Coffee

At times, a cup of coffee may feel like the very definition of love, but nothing compares to your partner’s support and shared humor. Pair this card with a cup of coffee for the ultimate effect.

I Love You More Than Anything … Except the Dog

Nothing compares to the love you have for your furry best friend. Their pure eyes and excited wagging tail make your heart skip every single time.

Where Do You Want to Eat?

This never-ending question bonds a couple unlike any other experience. After all, there’s no one else you want to continuously revisit the question with.

It’s Specific, Not Pacific

Pet peeves are almost a guarantee in relationships, regardless of how much you love the other person. This card is a subtle reminder for them to correct themselves, while also saying even if they don’t, you’ll always love them.

Four Champagne Glasses, Please

We recommend this one specifically for all those cat lovers out there, as this will hit particularly close to home.


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