Funny Valentine’s Day Cards Every Kind of Relationship

funny valentines day cards

Sure, you may have already gotten the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, but have you written your card yet? Before you go out and get roses and chocolates, make sure you get the most important gift of all: a sweet and special card that your partner will love opening. After all, this holiday is all about celebrating your significant other and the relationship you two share — there’s no better way to make your partner feel special than with a heartfelt card.

Instead of giving a generic, sappy greeting card that might earn some eye rolls, make your special someone chuckle this year with these funny Valentine’s Day cards that perfectly describe your relationship. Whether it’s a hilarious Valentine’s day meme or a witty Valentine’s Day pun, these picks speak honestly from the heart — and will definitely spread laughter along with the love this February 14. P.S., don’t worry if you haven’t figured out what to write inside your Valentine’s Day card, we’ve got you covered!

You’re My Everything (Bagel)

Just in case you’re planning a breakfast in bed surprise …

Yoda Only One for Me

Because everyone knows that there’s nothing cuter or sweeter than baby Yoda (except your significant other, obviously).

“I Love Looking at My Phone Next to You in Bed”

After all, the best kind of love is the kind where you can hang around and do nothing with them — and still have amazing, unforgettable fun together.

A Very Cheesy Valentine’s Day Card

If your special someone is a fan of corny puns and jokes, go for this extra-cheesy card that’s sure to give your Valentine a gouda laugh this year.

The Results Are In …

Can’t find the words to say what you mean? Let Maury help you with this hilarious card telling your loved one that yes, they are most definitely, unquestionably 100% your baby!

Diagram of My Heart

The only thing you love more than bacon, tacos and chocolate? Your sweetheart. (Which is really saying something, because you really love those foods … like a lot.)

I Love Overeating With You

If you and your S.O.’s favorite part of Valentine’s Day (or any day) is  feasting on tons of food together, then this card is definitely for you.

Even When You’re Hangry

You know it’s true love when you both can deal with each other’s hangry tantrums — and sometimes love each other even more for it.


I Still Love You

The perfect card to show your S.O. that you love them even despite their flaws — especially their tendency to forget to replace the toilet paper every single time.

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