Funny Sleep Memes

Don’t we all have that one friend who seems to be sleeping all the time? That one person who can sleep anywhere, which is quite a talent, really. Someone who can sleep while standing, while you are talking to him, while in the classroom, in the train, in the elevator, practically anywhere and anytime. It is quite intriguing that he does not really lack sleep but is still always sleepy.

Well, there really are people like that and for those friends, it would be really nice to remind them how they are by showing them some funny sleep memes. Tell your friends that maybe they should sleep early tonight so that they can arrive on time or not to sleep when crossing the road with these memes that are sure to make them laugh.

Go ahead and try it out and see for yourself if it will work out with them.


You sleep on the floor tonight, human.


When you're sleeping on the couch and someone wakes you up and tells you to go to your bed


Stop trying to make sleep happen, It's never going to happen


Don't give up on your dreams, keep sleeping


I have a condition that makes me eat when I can't sleep. It's called Insom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nia.
Sleep! Sleep as long as you can! For the love of God, cherish it!


My reaction to the weekend... Sleep is for the weak


I know how to scare them.. I'll sleep so soundly, they will briefly think I died.


When you can't sleep but you have to wake up early


You will go to sleep or I will put you to sleep


Sleep? Ain't nobody got time for that


Cn't wake up late if you never go to sleep


I love sleep because its like a time machine to breakfast


You mean to tell me I'm supposed to sleep all night long?


Meme not funny, go to sleep


If you ever get caught sleeping on the job.... Slowly raise your head and say "in Jesus name Amen"


Sleep tight. I'm under your bed.


I'm not sleeping! Just resting my eyes!


Someone: "Damn you're always sleeping" Me: "Okay and are you done because I'm about to go to sleep"


Alright then go to sleep


How can they expect me to work when I am so sleepy?


I can rise and shine just not at the same time


What I think I look like while I'm asleep.. What I really look like


My face when people ask how I slept


I can't sleep at night because I take naps. I take naps because I can't sleep at night.


5 mins ago, you said that you'll go to sleep, the fact that I can see the ggreen indication on Facebook chat determined that was a lie


How I sleep knowing that I'm single and nobody cheating on me


When you're sleeping and your alarm didn't ring yet but the amount of sleep you're getting is suspicious


Piss off, sun, I'm not done with yesterday yet


How do I put this? You will never sleep in again


Can't sleep? Better update my status

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