Funny Police Memes

One of the most important people in a country is the police force especially since they work hard just to keep their beloved place at peace. They are the peacemakers, the one who would do whatever is in their capabilities to keep peace within everyone else.

Being a police officer is one of the most honorable jobs a person can have with one foot being in the grave already since they are the ones who catch the bad people such as the thieves that are lurking around and trying to mess up with public peace. Sometimes, they are funny in some ways, especially the way they look, some with very fat tummies, running around to catch the bad persons.

Well, in that case, here are some funny police memes that might just give you a good laugh when you think about a policeman. Try them out or send them out to your friends so that they can have a good laugh as well as you.


Hold on officer, let me finish this text I was sending


Should I run for it?


New members of Police Academy


You only stopped me because I'm black


Go home officer, you're drunk!

10-4 we found him. He's under a rest


I got pulled over by a female cop, When I rolled down my window to ask what was wrong, she said "Nothing"


When you call shotugn, but the cops put you in the back anyways


Fuck the Police State! Did someone just say police steak?


*Polic sirens* Damn! I can't get another ticket.... I think we have a stolen vehicle.... Hi, is there a problem officer?.... Um..No, everything seems fine. Have a nice day.


Can we really charge him for the gun if he's never actually shot anything


Do you have any idea why I pulled you over?


He's got no backup! Floor it!


We're gonna be cops! Bad boys, bad boys, watch gonna do when we gnaw on you


And here we see the young police car, hunting for the first time without its mother.


Fuck the police


Fuck the Police. Seriously, fuck the police


When he brings you extra donuts


Meanwhile in Poland, dark side police


Sir, I told you to stay in your car


Doesn't understand the law, enforces it anyway


When he runs on a traffic stop but you're a ninja


Drugs can ruin your life. So if I catch you with them, I'm sending you to jail and running your life.


Police be like, "Is he drunk or dodging potholes?"


I ain't going back to daycare


Our fire staion is next door to the Police department. Pranks ensue...


That look when you place your food order and recognize the cook from a stop


911 what's the address of your emergency? "Yea Hi I need a police here now"


I can do this but you can't text and drive...


The awkward moment when he doesn't fit


Pulls you over, just to tell you that your car sucks.


"Talking on the phone while driving is distracting and dangerous." Uses laptop, police radio, speed radar, and dash cam while driving.


Alright dad, the guy on the right definitely has dope.

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