Funny Meme Valentine’s Day Cards

In love? Single? It’s complicated? Regardless of your relationship status, I think we can all agree that Valentine’s Day memes are hilarious ways to ask someone “be my valentine?”

internet explorer valentine meme

Internet Explorer “Let’s Take Things Slow”

life alert valentine meme

Life Alert Infomercial “help i’ve fallen for you and i can’t get up”

john cena valentine meme

John Cena “I’ve never Cena prettier face”

eminem valentine meme

Eminem “Baby you make my palms sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti”

harry potter valentine meme
Harry Potter “I adumbledore you”

monsters inc valentine meme
Monsters Inc “My names not sully but you can still be my boo”

Kanye “I like you more than kanye likes kanye”

harry potter valentine meme
Harry Potter “I’ll neville let you go”

pizza valentine meme
Pizza “can i get a pizza yo heart”

nicholas cage valentine meme
Nicholas Cage “u caged my heart”

titanic valentines meme
Titanic “u be the ship & i’ll be the iceberg hittin on u”

leo dicaprio valentines meme
Leonardo DiCaprio “bby is yur name oscar, cuz i want you so bad”

star wars valentines meme
Star Wars “im not your father but you’ll be calling me daddy later”

simon cowell valentines meme
Simon Cowell “it’s a yes from me”

marie antoinette valentines meme
Marie Antoinette “babe are you the french revolution cause I’m losing my head over you”

harry potter valentines meme
Harry Potter “i long for ur bottom”

kanye lion king valentines meme
Kanye West and Lion King “Kanye feel the love tonight”

weather valentines meme
Weather “u make me moist and unstable”

hunger games valentines meme
The Hunger Games “ur starting an uprising in my district”

choking guy valentines meme
Choking Guy “you take my breath away”

flintstones valentines meme
The Flintstones “Wanna yabba dabba do it?”

paula deen valentines meme
Paula Deen “you BUTTER be my valentine”

deadpool valentines meme
Deadpool “i may have broken the fourth wall but i wil never break your heart”

toy story valentines meme
Toy Story “i’m not the only wood you’ll be playing with tonight:

panic at the disco valentines meme
Panic at the Disco “we’ll be closing the god damned door 2nite bb”

frozen valentines meme
Frozen “you are worth melting for”

illuminati valentines meme
Illuminati “i wanna get illumi-naughty with you”

weed valentines meme
Marijuana “weed be cute together”

obama valentines meme
Barack Obama “i don’t wanna be obama self this valentine’s day”

the office valentines meme
The Office “I think you’re Dwight-ful”

mean girls valentines meme
Mean Girls “u make fetch happen”

nemo valentines meme
Finding Nemo “this valentines day I’m gonna touch YOUR butt”

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