Funny Girl Memes

We all have that girl friend that we like a lot, the one that makes us laugh from the bottom of each of our hearts. The one that makes you want to smile every time you see her, the one that makes you feel funny, like she is just fun to be with and just exciting to go to adventures together.

That girl would surely appreciate knowing that you remembered her or that you would strike up a conversation with her and make her feel special and make her feel irreplaceable as well. It is not going to be as hard as you thought it would be especially with some funny girl memes to rescue you out when you are running out of words to say and have no idea what to do.

Here are some of them that you can try out should you feel like making a girl laugh at this very day.


Only have guy friends... Girls too damn jealous


When a girl replies with "Awww thanks", it means she's politely asking you to return to the friend zone that you just tried to escape from.


When he tells my spoiled ass "No"


When your girl is on her period but you got them snacks, pills, movies and extra affection up your sleeve.


When a girl tells me she doesn't wear make up, you should though

Getting half way thru the conturing tutorial and the wifi goes off.


10-year old girls are crying because they broke up with their boyfriend. When I was 10, I cried because I missed the morning cartoons.

Gurl! You look hot in this picture


Is google a boy or girl? Obviously a girl, because it won't let you finish your sentence without suggesting other ideas.


That's why my hair is so big, it's full of secrets. xoxo Gossip Girl


White girl radar enabled... Target spotted and locked, initiate booty acquiring sequence.


Another girl liked your status, I blocked her for you.


Hey girl, it's ok. My heart rate goes up when I work out too.


"you can't eat all that." me:


The look I give younger guys when they try to hit on me. Child I know your mother.


Golden girls? Fuck that I'm jedi


Being called cute all the time, but you;re still single...


Hey girl, I actually think it's kind of adorable that you fuck up all your crafts.


My jokes are like hot chicks, and when yo do they are not anywhere near as good as you thought they would be.


When you remember your girl said, "Don't Go Out Tonight."


That 10 second eye contact with a super attractive stranger.


No filter no makeup #naturalbeauty


Wait a minute, I need to post this.


Some of these girls eyebrows these days look like they're sponsored by Nike.


Let's go out for dinner, you pick the place. Nah, not there... or there... No, I don't feel like that place either....


I'm no mechanic but those seem pretty well inflated!


Chicks be like, off guard but still cute


it's been over 10 minutes since you last said you love me! Are you breaking up with me?


I told a girl to text me when she got home, she must be homeless.


Dudes be like "your beautiful"... I be like "You're"


As a girl, I hate when I see a guy with nicer hair than me.

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